Can I see who viewed my WhatsApp profile picture?

Can I see who viewed my WhatsApp profile picture?

Can I see who viewed my WhatsApp profile picture?

WhatsApp allows messaging as well as voice calls and video calls for free. ... WhatsApp has no default option to track down who viewed my WhatsApp profile. A few WhatsApp profile viewer apps are available in the market and claiming they can check who visited my WhatsApp profile, but sadly, none of them is useful.

How do you send a message in WhatsApp without showing online?

If you want to send message to new contact in WhatsApp without showing online. Switch phone to airplane mode which will switch off the wifi and data connection. Then open WhatsApp, search the contact for which you want to send message. Open it, Type the message, send it and back to home screen,...

Can You chat on WhatsApp and not show your online status?

Well, to answer your question correctly, Whatsapp has NO feature to stop showing your “online” status. The moment you come online, the world can see you. As one person correctly wrote, chat from the reply window, but that's not possible if you want to send gifs and stickers.

Is there a way to reply on WhatsApp without internet?

WhatsApp automatically can send your replies without showing that you are online. With this system, you can retain your previous ‘last seen’ status rather than modifying it with the actual last time you were on the app. Check this out if you know more on sending messages on WhatsApp without internet connection.

How can you tell if someone has seen your WhatsApp message?

"Last seen" refers to the last time the person used WhatsApp and also doesn't mean that they have seen your most recent message. The only way to tell if someone has seen your message is the blue checkmarks beside the message.

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