Who is the saddest member of BTS?

Who is the saddest member of BTS?

Who is the saddest member of BTS?

#1 suga left his family and gambled his education just to do what he really want to be. #2 He went through anxiety and depression just to reach his dreams. #3he was hated and called for being dark,scary,and having a cols heart.

Which BTS member has the saddest past?

Suga suffers from severe depression amd anxiety on his journey in pursuing his music career. from times to times,he would have to choose between food or transportation. Suga once attempted to sell his song for 10,000 won (about $9 USD) to buy food.

Which TXT member is closest to BTS?

Since Jimin is the BTS member he's closest to, courtesy of their group chat, he came through for his hyung. Once he accepted the microphone and cutely said, “Merry Christmas,” Jimin got precisely what he'd wanted. The most heart-warming smile appeared on his face, seeing Taehyun take his lead.

Who in BTS has depression?

BTS: Suga has made the most startling revelations in the Rolling Stone magazine interview which included talking about his depression that comes and goes in his life. ... He told Rolling Stone, "I'm comfortable now and feeling good, but those sorts of negative emotions come and go. So it's almost like cold weather.

Who drink most in BTS?

Via Koreaboo, Hobi ranked Suga at #1 for having the highest alcohol tolerance, which doesn't come as much of a surprise. We all remember the friendly banter between Yoongi and Jungkook during Bon Voyage Season 3 in Malta when the Daechwita rapper took The Golden Maknae for a drink at a bar.

Who was the poorest in BTS before debut?

actually, aside from Yoongi, Jimin's family was the poorest in BTS before their debut.

Is TXT as good as BTS?

Absolutely not! First of all do not compare TXT to BTS because they are 2 different groups. BTS has been in the music world for 7 years where as TXT just debuted a couple of weeks ago. They will never live up to what BTS has done let alone been through.

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