What can I use to cover my dark circles?

What can I use to cover my dark circles?

What can I use to cover my dark circles?

“On the under-eyes, use a light-reflective formula that's a shade lighter than your skin to brighten up the area,” says Barose, whose go-to formula is NARS Creamy Concealer. You can also use a mint or apricot-tinged color corrector underneath your concealer to further counteract darkness.

How do you cover dark circles naturally?


  1. Apply a cold compress. A cold compress can help reduce swelling and shrink dilated blood vessels. ...
  2. Get extra sleep. Catching up on sleep can also help reduce the appearance of dark circles. ...
  3. Elevate your head. ...
  4. Soak with tea bags. ...
  5. Conceal with makeup.

What can be used instead of concealer?

A full-coverage cream or liquid foundation is an excellent substitute for concealer. Spot treat the affected area(s) by dabbing on a small dot of foundation using your ring or pinky finger (they're more gentle than your index finger) to blend with the surrounding skin, and allow to dry before applying any more makeup.

What color is good for dark circles?

Since dark circles have a bluish hue, shades of peach and orange will be perfect for canceling them out. Use peach if you have a fair to light skin tone, bisque if you have a light to medium skin tone, or orange if you have a medium to dark skin tone.

How can I hide my dark circles fast?


How can I make my dark circles less noticeable?

Reduce the look of bags under your eyes by applying concealer only to the shadow of the bag, not the bag itself. Use a small, angled concealer brush and a shade of cream-based concealer that matches your skin tone. Apply the concealer just in the shadow (or crease) of the bag under your eye, not to the bag itself.

Is it OK to just wear concealer?

You can just wear concealer without foundation! If you don't want to apply foundation or you don't have foundation you can use concealer. concealer hide dark circles, dark patches, pimples, and many more things. Concealer hide darkness on your skin.

How remove dark circles at home fast?

The Best Routines for Getting Rid of Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags

  1. Cold Compress. In the morning or evening – or better yet, in the morning AND the evening – apply a cold compress for about 10 minutes. ...
  2. Cucumbers. ...
  3. Cucumber Juice + Lemon Juice. ...
  4. Rose Water. ...
  5. Tomatoes. ...
  6. Cold tea bags. ...
  7. Potatoes. ...
  8. Cold Milk.

What's the best way to conceal dark circles?

Be gentle around your eye area so that you don’t remove the orange concealer that’s underneath. The goal in this step is to blend the concealer and foundation into one. If you feel like you can still see your dark circles, you may want to brighten your under eyes with a lighter concealer.

What kind of concealer to use on under eye circles?

If you have fair skin, apply a peach or apricot concealer to counteract the blue tones prevalent in most under eye circles. For medium skin, try an orange concealer. Darker skin tones can use darker oranges or red. Consider using a stick concealer.

Do you put concealer on lighter than your skin?

"There's a common misconception that you should use a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your skin. This is almost always untrue, and will likely leave your under eye looking grey and tired. Make sure your concealer is a bang on match to your skin." 4. Don't Rub The Concealer In

How to get the best coverage with concealer?

If you want the best coverage, pat the concealer in rather than rub it. "Patting makes sure you're getting the fullest possible coverage. When you rub it in, you're essentially rubbing it right back off again by sheering it out. This is especially true for cream formulas," Thomas points out. 5. Keep An Eye On Undertones

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