How can I delete submitted passport application?

How can I delete submitted passport application?

How can I delete submitted passport application?

The applicant is required to open the PSK official website and login. Then clicking on the tab which says Submitted or View Saved Applications and then click on the Schedule Appointment option. After this, two options will appear - either to reschedule the appointment or cancel the same.

Can I cancel my passport application and apply again?

You can cancel the previous passport, however need provide reasonable evidence as to why you wish cancel the existing passport and asking for fresh one. Pay the applicable fee on line . Visit the nearest passport seva kendra and completed the process of for applying fresh passport.

Can I edit my details in a submitted passport application form?

No, data once submitted in an online passport application form cannot be edited. However, data as submitted in the application is not taken as granted and it is subject to verification with reference to original documents at the time of visit to the PSK.

Can I cancel my passport application which was applied a year ago and apply for a fresh one?

Please note: As per MEA rules, you can only cancel/reschedule your appointment twice in a given year from the date of passport application. A pop-up displaying the number of cancellation/rescheduling attempts still available to you will be displayed after you opt for either option.

What if I made a mistake on my passport application?

Correct a Data or Printing Error can be corrected at no charge if the passport is still valid. To correct a data or printing error: Complete Form DS-5504. Submit form by mail with your passport, one color photo, and evidence of the error (e.g. your U.S. birth certificate showing the correct spelling of your last name).

How to cancel passport application registration registered online?

Advert. I registered for a new Indian passport because my existing passport is damaged and scheduled an appointment in next few days. But I don't have all the required documents to be shown at the time of appointment. I want to extend the date which i got to know that i can't as once fixed it will never be changed.

How can I change details in a submitted passport form?

Click on this option and it will show you the saved file with the ARN No. Further select the application you want to edit and you will find several options below depending on the stage your application is.

Do you get refund if you cancel passport application?

You need to cancel your application using the online form. You won’t get your fee refunded if you cancel an application that you made in the UK. It’s sometimes possible to get your passport or other documents returned without withdrawing your application - you’ll be told whether you can do this when you fill in the form.

How to cancel your passport application in India?

If you've applied offline simply contact the passport office and ask for cancellation. If you've opted for online option go to,login using your id and password and cancel your application using the options given in the website. I sincerely hope this could help, Thank you.

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