How can I earn 10 lakhs in 5 years?

How can I earn 10 lakhs in 5 years?

How can I earn 10 lakhs in 5 years?

To create a corpus of Rs 10 lakh in five years, with a monthly investment of Rs 11,000, you need to invest in those schemes that generate 17 per cent returns on a compounding basis.

How can I get 50 lakh?

Note: We found that some people call it 50 lakhs or 50 lac, but the correct way to say it is 50 lakh (lakh without the trailing "s").

How much interest will I get for 50 lakhs?

If FD interest rate is 7%, then you get Rs 3.

How can I get 20 lakhs in 3 years?

You will have to invest around Rs 50,000 per month to generate Rs 20 lakh at the end of 36 months, assuming pre-tax return of 7%. However, if you can extend your investment horizon by a few of years, then you may opt for a mix of a large-cap and hybrid aggressive fund (earlier known as balanced funds).

How many millions is 50 lakhs?

5 Million Lakhs to Million Conversion Table
1 Lakh0.

How many digits is 50 lakhs?

As you can see, 13 lakh is the same as 1.

Is it possible to make 50 lakhs in 10 years?

Dear Naveen, @ 5L Rs. yly investment capacity, you can easily reach your target in next 10Y (actually even before) with a simple bank RD earning 9% interest to you. For simplicity of calculation, Iā€™m not counting on tax on Rd interest.

Which is the best way to earn 1 lakh per month?

Here I have listed 3 different categories to earn 1 lakh per month. First one is general business ideas, the second one is service-based business ideas and the third one is jobs that provide you 1 lakh Rs salary. You can start this business from home. You can also export these jute bags to other countries and earn more profit.

Which is the best place to invest Rs 50 lakh?

Invest Rs 20 lakh (40%) in Mirae Asset India Equity, Rs 12.

How to get to 1 crore in 5 years?

I have selected the below mentioned schemes to make a monthly investment: Are these funds good to invest and will this strategy would work. To get to Rs 1 crore in five years, you need to invest at least Rs 1.

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