How do I repay my GTB quick loan?

How do I repay my GTB quick loan?

How do I repay my GTB quick loan?

How to pay back

  1. Dial *737*0# on your phone.
  2. Select option 4 (Repayment)
  3. Select option 2 (Close Credit)
  4. Enter PIN to liquidate credit.

How do I get a loan with USSD code?

The table below shows major banks USSD codes to dial in Nigeria to get personal loans....Banks USSD Codes For Loans In Nigeria.
Commercial BanksUSSD Codes to Dial
Diamond Access Loan code*901*11#
FCMB Loan code*389#
Unity Bank Loan code*7799#
UBA Bank Loan code*919#

What is the code to borrow loan from GTBank?

Use the GTB loan code – *737*8*2# Visit any branch of GTBank or ATM.

Can I borrow money from my bank?

Generally, to get a bank loan you'll need to be an existing customer with good credit. If your bank does offer loans, you'll need to assemble your paperwork, get clear on the terms of the loan, and make sure you have a plan to pay it back.

How can I check my GTB loan status?

Simply dial *737*6# to make enquiries on the following: Account balances, BVN & Account Number (*737*6*1#) Loan balances (*737*6*2#) Card status (*737*6*3#)

How much personal loan can I get if my salary is 15000?

With 15,000 salary, borrowers can easily avail small cash loans ranging from 50,000 to 1,50,000. This is easy to repay when broken down into EMIs. However, the loan amount can vary from lender to lender. Simply Cash is one of the latest personal loan apps helping with instant loans within 24 hours.

What is the code for KwikCash loan?

KwikCash Loan Code To get a loan from Kwikcash, simply dial the USSD code *561#, From any mobile network and press 1 to select “Loan”.

Can you get a quick loan from GTBank?

If No, then you will get detailed information here! GTBank quick credit is a service propagated by GTBank to ease the proce of getting quick loans. It is solely for customers running a salary account, to take loans pertaining to the salary they receive.

What's the maximum amount I can borrow with GTB quick credit?

What is GTB Quick Credit?: GTBank Quick Credit is a service designed to allow customers, who are salary account holders to take loans. These loans usually have a time frame. What is the Maximum Amount I can Borrow Using GTBank Quick Credit?: GTBank quick credit allows customers to take loans up to 5M Naira.

How old do you have to be to borrow money from GTBank?

Before we proceed, please take note that you can only be able to borrow money via GTBank quick credit service if you have a GTBank salary account, with a salary of 10,000 Naira and above. Also, you must be within the ages of 18-60 years. There are two methods to adopt in applying for the Quick Credit service.

What's the interest rate on a GTBank loan?

GTBank gives customers a duration of one year to pay back the money loaned to them, on the GTBank quick credit service What is the Interest rate on loans taken with GTBank Quick Credit?: An interest rate of 1.

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