How do you avail an airport lounge?

How do you avail an airport lounge?

How do you avail an airport lounge?

There are a range of ways to get access to a lounge, but generally, you have four options: Buy a first- or business-class ticket. This is the most obvious way to get into an airport lounge. Most airlines offer travelers in the premium cabins access to their lounges—if you're traveling internationally.

Is there a way to get free access to airport lounges?

Everyone knows you can get “free” access to airport lounges if you sign up for premium credit cards like the American Express Platinum card. But with annual membership fees of about $500, you’re kidding yourself if you think those visits are really free. Fear not.

What to do in the airport lounge before a flight?

Use your time productively with charging points and free Wi-Fi in most lounges. Some lounges also offer conference rooms for business meetings. Arrive early as many lounges offer a selection of pre-flight spa treatments so you can spoil yourself and truly relax before you depart.

Which is the best credit card to use for airport lounges?

Using the right credit card is the best way to gain access to a huge number of airport lounges for free. Though annual fees can be high, the huge points welcome bonus, annual credits, lack of foreign transaction fees, and lounge access more than make up for it if used properly. The American Express Platinum Card is our #1 choice.

Can a coach ticket get you into an airport lounge?

When you’re the one sinking into a cushy armchair instead of clamoring for a seat at the gate, you’ll be glad to have airport lounge access as a respite from the usual airport irritations. Following are seven ways that savvy travelers can get into airport lounges, even if their tickets read “coach.”

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