What can go wrong with stucco?

What can go wrong with stucco?

What can go wrong with stucco?

However, if a stucco exterior is poorly installed or not properly maintained, several serious problems can occur. Improper application of the material almost always leads to water damage, as well as mold, cracking, and staining. When excess moisture and water retention are a problem, mold is always a concern.

Do you have to have an insurance policy for stucco?

Stucco must have been applied by a licensed contractor. The damage cannot have pre-existed the insurance policy. Damage must be provable. Furthermore, the type of stucco application can affect whether your insurer will cover any damage. Similarly, the type of damage can affect your ability to receive compensation from your insurer.

Can a contractor be held liable for stucco damage?

We recommend hiring a lawyer to sue the builder or contractor if their stucco installation caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage to your home. You can hold a contractor liable for bad work on your home and use their liability insurance to pay for your damage.

Can a Florida stucco lawyer help a homeowner?

A Florida stucco lawyer can help homeowners negotiate or challenge an insurer who is reluctant to pay out a legitimate claim. When applied properly, stucco is a great exterior covering for a home.

Why do people put stucco on their houses?

More and more homes feature stucco. Not only does it give a home a distinctive look, but stucco is also an affordable option for the exterior of homes and businesses. Stucco helps insulate homes and is also flame retardant.

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