How much does ashen wolves cost?

How much does ashen wolves cost?

How much does ashen wolves cost?

It introduces a fourth house, the Ashen Wolves, which comes with a new cast of characters that you can take into battle. It releases on February 13. This is part of the game's expansion pass, which costs $25.

What happens if you don't recruit Ashen Wolves?

I'm currently finishing Part 2 of Edelgard's route after completing the DLC, and the answer is YES The Ashen Wolves disappear if you don't recruit them pre-timeskip.

Who is the best Ashen Wolf?

Yuri is the best statistically, with an insane Speed growth and above-average Strength growth. Balthus is a good tank, something that the Black Eagles desperately want. Constance is able to drop magical nukes with her high Magic and Bolting, but she's actually pretty bad in most other regards.

How strong are the ashen wolves?

Her two strengths are fairly obvious: Her damage output, and Bolting. She'll hit about as hard as Lysithea (about 2 damage less on average), and Bolting gives her siege range for attacking and supporting.

Can you romance ashen wolves?

The Ashen Wolves will have 4 new students that you can recruit and romance. They are named Balthus, Yuri, Hapi, and Constance.

Can you join the ashen wolves?

The Ashen Wolves Are Only Recruitable in Part 1 of the Story However, you can only recruit them in Part 1. Once you have reached Part 2 or post-time skip of the story, you will not be able to recruit them anymore.

Should I recruit the ashen wolves?

I'd definitely urge players to recruit them as soon as possible to salvage their faith magic and avoid the unnecessary lance training on Hapi. Get them to support c and in chapter 11 recruit who you want as they are level 19 which means there's more exp to go round for your cast.

Are ashen wolves characters good?

Tldr: collectively they are so good and so available that they make the game almost too easy. Although on a fresh maddening file to get your yellow screen, this can be a very good thing.

Is HAPI better than lysithea?

Hapi doesn't hit as hard as Lysithea, but nobody else has Lysithea's Mag, Res-ignoring spell, and 2x eff spells either. Hapi holds up with/exceeds just about everyone else. For versatility, the only other mages to arguably keep up would be Dorothea or Constance.

How did the Ashen wolves get their name?

Rhea herself gave the house its name, the Ashen Wolves, after the beasts who guard the Blue Sea Star . Clothing of the Ashen Wolves resembles the typical students' uniform of the Officers Academy with some minor distinctions, the biggest of which being the color scheme.

What kind of clothes do Ashen Wolves wear?

Instead of focusing mostly on black and gold, the Ashen Wolves focus more on silver and grey. Additionally, they have black chains over their clothing that no other students have.

What did Ashen wolves do to help Abyss?

Desiring to help Abyss eventually return to the surface, he worked together with Rhea to create a pseudo-house in Abyss with the hopes of giving them a somewhat proper education like the students above them. This lead in 1165, to the creation of the fourth house in name only.

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