Do archivists make good money?

Do archivists make good money?

Do archivists make good money?

An Archivist gets a pay level of around 32000 and 48000 based on tenure level. Archivists will normally get an average salary of Forty Six Thousand Six Hundred dollars annually. Archivists have the highest salaries in the District of Columbia, where they can get average compensation of close to $74320.

Is Archivist a competitive job?

The prospective job market for archivists is expected to remain competitive, as qualified applicants generally outnumber openings. ... Still, in the long term, job prospects for archivists should increase as public and private institutions require organization of and access to growing volumes of records and information.

Is it hard to find a job as an Archivist?

An absence of experience in those areas can add a few layers of difficulty to your job search. The BLS echoes the Smithsonian, explaining that demand for archivists who specialize in electronic records will grow more rapidly than demand for archivists who focus on older, increasingly dated formats.

Where are archivists needed?

Archivists work wherever it is important to retain the records of people or organizations, including universities, large corporations, libraries and museums, government institutions, hospitals, historical societies, and religious communities.

What do archivists do all day?

On a daily basis, Archivists create and maintain accessible, retrievable computer archives and databases, incorporating current advances in electronic information storage technology. ... Preserve records, documents, and objects, copying records to film, videotape, audiotape, disk, or computer formats as necessary.

How do archivists get paid?

Archivists working on a freelance, contract or agency basis are often paid on an hourly or daily rate. Rates may range from a minimum of £130 for support staff to a minimum of £360 for a senior professional. Local authority and civil service grades are frequently tied to scales.

Are curators well paid?

Curator Salary and Benefits The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that curators earned a median annual salary of ​$54,560​, as of May 2019. Curator jobs with the federal government paid the highest wages averaging ​$84,300​ per year.

What education do you need to be an archivist?

Archivists may earn a degree in history, library science, public administration, archival science, or political science. Librarians almost always need a master's degree in library science.

How do you qualify as an archivist?

To become an archivist you would need a degree. You would also need to gain a postgraduate qualification in archives and/or records management that is recognised and accredited by the Archived and Records Association (ARA).

Can Archivists work from home?

The fortunate answer is that there is indeed a significant amount of our regular work that the library staff, and in particular the seven of us who work in the archives, are able to do from home. ... That's what archives work is all about.

Is there a job for an archivist in the US?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for archivists in general were expected to increase by 8% from 2019-2029. The BLS also noted that demand for archivists well-versed in electronic media will be greater than the need for those with experience only in traditional formats.

How much does a digital archivist make a year?

The BLS also noted that demand for archivists well-versed in electronic media will be greater than the need for those with experience only in traditional formats. In 2018, archivists earned an annual median salary of $52,240, per the BLS. Digital archivists store digital information for easy access to museums, libraries and research facilities.

What are the challenges of being an archivist?

The most challenging aspect of being a School Archivist is being a touch isolated. Because the Archivist works autonomously it can get a isolating. Also, it is a bit hard to get full time employment. ...

What does an archivist do for the balance careers?

Dawn Rosenberg McKay is a certified Career Development Facilitator. She is a former writer for The Balance Careers. An archivist appraises and researches records and documents to determine their importance and potential value.

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