How can I send chocolate to someone without melting them?

How can I send chocolate to someone without melting them?

How can I send chocolate to someone without melting them?

Here are some packaging materials you should consider:

  1. Insulated box – There are many kinds of shipping boxes for your chocolates. ...
  2. Bubble wrap – Used to stabilise the inside of your package. ...
  3. Cold packs – Sealed in plastic bags, these cold packs help maintain the coolness of your goods and act as a portable refrigerator.

How do you keep chocolate from melting when shipping?

This all allows for the longest duration of keeping cold during transit.

  1. Build your box.
  2. Tape all the seams (to slow air ala heat exchange)
  3. Measure enough mylar wrap for the bottom of your package (one more level of shielding)
  4. Pull the chocolate box out of it's cold storage.
  5. Wrap (or ziplock) ice pack.

Will chocolate melt if shipped internationally?

The melting point for most types of chocolate is 86 - 90 degrees Fahrenheit (lower than body temperature), this means there is a good chance that if you mail chocolate overseas or even within the US, it will not arrive in the condition you sent it. ...

Can I send chocolate abroad?

There are usually no problems sending non-perishable chocolate to most countries – but you should always check the specific customs regulations for your destination country before sending. You may also need to be aware of restrictions that don't apply to chocolate per se.

Can you send chocolate in an envelope?

Yes, you can. However, the thickness of the piece of chocolate could cause problems with the machines that process the mail. You can pay an extra fee to mail the envelope as “non-machinable.” Also, the weight of the chocolate might put the envelope over the 1 ounce limit, so you might have to pay extra for the weight.

Will chocolate melt if shipped?

In fact, its melting temperature is slightly below the average body temperature. That is why chocolate melts in your mouth and hands. And that is why sending chocolate in the mail is not an easy process. ... These items are almost guaranteed to melt, especially if sent during warmer times of the year.

How can I send chocolate abroad?

Pack chocolate in small boxes for shipping

  1. Place the chocolate in a plastic foil.
  2. Put them into an insulated food container.
  3. Add cooling agents like gel ice packs, or dry ice on the bottom of the box.
  4. Add the food container inside an insulated box and add more cooling packs on top and around.

How to send chocolate to someone overseas without it?

If you use a Styrofoam container, that could help the package retain the cold within it, and allow more time for your gift's contents to arrive safely. Also, try to pack in such a way so as to keep the ice packs close to the contents, but secured so that they don't inadvertently crush the contents due to shifting while in transit.

How to stop chocolate from melting in transit?

Add padding materials to the bottom of the box. Place chocolate and cold pack on top and fill the remaining empty spaces on the sides and top of the box to prevent any movement. Close the package, seal with tape and address accordingly. Take to post office or shipping company and use the fastest method available.

Is it OK to ship chocolate that has melted?

Chocolate melts and that makes it a little troublesome when it comes to shipping. It is easier to ship during winter and too cold locations but during summer and when sending to destinations with high temperatures, extra precautions are necessary to prevent the chocolate from melting.

How do you keep chocolate from freezing in a shipping box?

Prepare your shipping box. Place the reflective insulation liner inside the box, covering all six sides of the box’s interior. Take the chocolate product from refrigerated storage and place it straight inside the shipping box. Spacers such as bubble wrap can be used to prevent cold packs from freezing the chocolate.

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