How much does it cost to ship golf clubs?

How much does it cost to ship golf clubs?

How much does it cost to ship golf clubs?

Shipping Golf Clubs with UPS vs. FedEx
CarrierService LevelPrice
FedExStandard Overnight Shipping$433.

What is the best way to ship golf clubs?

Wrap each of your golf clubs individually with two layers of bubble wrap. Then place the clubs inside your golf travel bag. When you place your golf bag in the shipping box, use more bubble wrap or inflatable air cushioning as void fill inside the box.

How much does it cost to ship golf clubs without a bag?

Shipping golf clubs via FedEx Ground within the U.S. is often less than $100 each way. There's an $11 handling fee if you ship clubs without a box. Keep in mind that domestic ground service can take up to four days.

How do you send golf clubs in the mail?

Wrap the golf club shaft with 2 layers of bubble wrap and secure with tape. Wrap two pieces of bubble wrap around the golf club head and secure with tape. If you're sending more than one club, wrap each one individually then bundle them closely together, using extra bubble wrap and parcel tape to secure them.

Are Ship Sticks worth it?

Overall I think their service is worth it for golfers who are willing to spend the extra money to remove a major headache. I had an extremely positive experience using their service, and if you want to find out the cost for your next trip you can get a quick quote on their site here.

How much does it cost to ship a single golf club USPS?

USPS Retail Ground delivery is $104 and also takes eight days. Regular Priority Mail would take four days and cost $124. Priority Mail Express can get your clubs to their destination in three days for $285. When you combine speed and price, UPS is the cheapest option to ship your golf clubs in three to four days.

How do you pack golf clubs?

0:431:51How To Pack Your Golf Clubs In A Soft Travel Bag With Ship Sticks ...YouTube

Why is ship sticks so expensive?

Why? When you use UPS or FedEx, you're paying the one-off rate. Ship Sticks sends thousands of shipments and gets deeply discounted pricing...which they pass on to you. More expensive, smaller weight limits, less included insurance.

Which is the cheapest place to ship golf clubs?

As you can see from the table above, USPS generally offers the cheapest option for shipping golf clubs domestically. The only exception is if you choose ground services, in which case FedEx is the cheapest option. Internationally, USPS is definitely going to give you the cheapest shipping rates for your golf clubs.

Do you need to pack and ship golf clubs?

Focus on Your Golf Game. Leave the Packing and Shipping of your Golf Clubs to Us. Let’s face it. Golfing requires mental preparation if you want to win! While you focus on your game, let The UPS Store® assist with the travel logistics of your golf clubs, sports equipment and luggage.

How to get golf clubs to your destination?

At Ship Sticks, we make getting your golf clubs to and from your destination easier than it’s ever been – allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free travel experience to anywhere in the world. 1. Schedule online Schedule your shipment using our Ship Page

How long does it take to ship golf clubs with lugless?

LugLess makes the process easy and affordable. No complicated forms here, LugLess has simplified everything. Check the size of your golf bag or case and generate your shipping label in about two minutes. Right to the course, and back again. Bye-bye baggage claim, hello fairway.

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