Is there an app to identify wood types in furniture?

Is there an app to identify wood types in furniture?

Is there an app to identify wood types in furniture?

I.D. Wood is your Pocket Guide to Woods from around the world with full screen samples and detailed information for over 200 different woods. The standalone application will work with or without an Internet connection so that the samples and information are always at your fingertips.

How can you tell if furniture is oak or pine?

Examine the color of the wood. Oak generally has a dark, reddish color and spans a wider array of styles, from contemporary furniture to traditional country designs. Pine varies in color from creamy white to yellow, and is more suited to rustic and traditional styles.

How do I know what type of lumber I have?

  1. Confirm it is actually solid wood. ...
  2. Look at the color. ...
  3. Observe the wood grain. ...
  4. Consider the weight and hardness of the wood. ...
  5. Consider its history. ...
  6. Find the X-Factor. ...
  7. Look at the endgrain.

What type of wood makes furniture?

Many different types of wood, such as hardwoods and a few softwoods, make excellent choices for furniture. A few examples of popular hardwoods used in furniture include black cherry, black walnut, maple and oak. Softwoods like cedar or pine may also be used in furniture.

Is there a free app to identify wood?

The WoodSolutions Species App is available for free download in the iTunes (Apple) or Play Store (Android). ... To find out more about the App, click here to download the WoodSolutions Species App infographic – functionalities and features at a glance.

Is there an app to identify wood stain?

Project Color also allows you to match a favorite color from a photo on your mobile device, or a photo you've just taken. You click on a color in the image and the app provides the closest paint or stain colors available at The Home Depot.

Is oak or pine better for furniture?

Pine does have a stiff quality about it, but the wood doesn't offer as much strength and resistance to wear as oak wood does. Pine can dent and scratch easily. If you're planning to keep the piece indefinitely, oak is likely a better choice.

Which wood is best for furniture making?

Which Type of Wood is Best for My Furniture?

  • Walnut. Walnut is a hard, strong and durable wood for furniture. ...
  • Maple. Maple is one of the hardest wood types for furniture. ...
  • Mahogany. Mahogany is a durable hardwood that's often used for investment, intricate pieces of furniture. ...
  • Birch. ...
  • Oak. ...
  • Cherry. ...
  • Pine.

How can you tell what kind of wood you have in your home?

You will find some that have dark brown knots and streaks. This is usually Knotty Pine. Normal pine wood has very little wood grain. You can usually identify Pine by the distinct difference in color between the growth rings, knots, and the wood. The dark and light parts of the growth rings in Pine have great contrast.

How can I tell if my furniture is softwood?

Examine the wood for scratches and dents to determine if it is softwood. Harder woods are more resistant to scratches and dents, so if you don’t see any, the furniture may be made out of hardwood. A piece of furniture that has many scratches and dents may be made out of softwood.

How can you tell if a piece of furniture is veneer?

Check for repeating wood grain patterns to spot veneers. Look at the wood grain patterns on the top, sides, and front of your piece of furniture. Repeating patterns mean that it is veneered and not made out of a solid piece of wood, which would have unique wood grain patterns all over. [14]

What are the different types of wood in furniture?

The Ultimate Guide to Identifying Wood Types in Furniture. 1 Pine. Pinewood is very common in less expensive furniture. There are several different types of Pine, but as I said, I’m going to try to stick with ... 2 Spruce. 3 Redwood. 4 Hemlock. 5 How To Identify Cedar in Furniture. More items

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