Does a swing set increase home value?

Does a swing set increase home value?

Does a swing set increase home value?

From our experience, a well-built swing set or play set will absolutely add resale value to your home — and can even make your house a must-buy for the right person. Of course, lots more homeowners want to take their sets with them when they move.

Are backyard swing sets safe?

The security of your children as they play is too much to risk. ... Pieces of the playset might come apart when children are playing on them. Exposed sharp ends might be left sticking out, and could cause injury. The playset itself might even tip over if it hasn't been anchored properly.

How much should I spend on a swing set?

$361 to $508
National Average Cost$1,077
Minimum Cost$75
Maximum Cost$12,000
Average Range$361 to $508

What age are swing sets for?

At three or four years, most children can use a regular swing set seat. Generally, if a child can get onto the seat themselves, they can most likely swing safely on their own. Typically, children from 2 to 5 no longer require bucket seats and can swing on their own.

Do playsets lower property value?

Regardless of your buyers' demographics, playsets do not usually lower property value. ... Potential homebuyers with children will be impressed by a wooden playset, and it may even be a deciding factor for them.

Do porch swings add value?

Increases the overall value of your property If you install an attractive wooden porch swing on your property, you will be able to increase the overall value of your property. Therefore, when push comes to shove, and you have to sell your property, you will be able to sell it at a higher price.

Are swing sets dangerous?

The most commonly reported injuries with swing sets include brain and facial injuries and whiplash, though strangulation from swing chains are the leading (but rare) cause of death with swing sets. However, these injuries are often preventable with safe use and close monitoring of your children.

Why swings are dangerous?

Parents who push kids too high on swings risk giving whiplash and traumatic brain injuries, experts warn. You can't actually push your kid so hard they flip over the playground swing set. But you can push hard enough to land them in the hospital with whiplash or a traumatic brain injury.

Does Walmart put swing sets together?

Simply add this Play Set Assembly Service to your order and check out as usual. Once your swing set or play set has shipped, our partner will reach out to you to schedule the service at a convenient time for you. You can rest easy knowing your service will be completed by experienced outdoor assembly professional.

What should I look for when buying a swing set?

The safest playsets feature the following:

  • The frame and A-frame of the set are made with (at least) solid 4x4 beams of wood.
  • The swing beam is made up of (at least) a 4x6 solid piece of wood.
  • The wood is pre-sanded and pre-drilled.
  • The playset is constructed with recessed hardwarethat doesn't "stick out"

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