Where is AutoCraft batteries made?

Where is AutoCraft batteries made?

Where is AutoCraft batteries made?

The AutoCraft battery manufacturer is Clarios, formerly Johnson Controls Power Solutions, which has recently become independent. They have plants in the US, China, Mexico, and Germany.

Are AutoCraft and DieHard batteries the same?

The AutoCraft Battery line is actually manufactured by Johnson Controls (Clarios). This is the same manufacturer as Duralast, Everstart, Optima, DieHard, and Interstate Batteries.

Does AutoCraft make good batteries?

AutoCraft makes a good battery. It comes with a 3-year warranty, which is better than Silver and Economy but not the best warranty out there.

Which battery is better duralast or AutoCraft?

From the above discussion, it's clear that, there is no significant difference between Duralast and Autocraft car batteries. Both of these shows same voltage, Cold cranking amperage, almost equal reserve minutes, cost and durability. ... This is only differentiating sector between Duralast and Autocraft batteries.

Who made AutoCraft batteries?

AutoCraft batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls, which is an American company. AutoCraft batteries can be purchased at Advance Auto Parts either in the store or online.

Who owns DieHard brand?

Advance Auto Parts DieHard is a brand of automotive battery owned by Advance Auto Parts and sold exclusively at Advance, Carquest and Sears stores. Advance bought the DieHard brand from Sears in December 2019. The brand dates to 1967, having been developed by Globe-Union Battery for Sears.

What is the longest lasting car battery?

Comparison Table
1Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting...1,490 Reviews
2Exide Edge FP-AGM34 Flat Plate AGM Sealed...27 Reviews
3ODYSSEY PC680 Battery, red top1,014 Reviews
4ACDelco Gold 94RAGM 36 Month Warranty AGM BCI...269 Reviews

Are Interstate Batteries any good?

Interstate does make AGM batteries as well. They are very high quality, and usually come in at a lower cost per same size battery. ... Interstate also has slightly better warranty coverage for their batteries overall, and with service centers all over the country, you might have easier access to getting a replacement.

How old is my AutoCraft battery?

0:002:32How Old Is Your Car Battery? (Reading Battery Date Codes ...YouTube

Who makes DieHard 2020?

Some of the batteries themselves are manufactured by Johnson Controls, which also manufacture Duralast, Varta, AC Delco, as well as 20 other brands. For a time, DieHard batteries were also manufactured by Exide.

Who are the battery manufacturers for Autocraft cars?

The main battery manufacturers in the US are Johnson Controls, Excide, ACDelco. They also supply AutoCraft and Duralast batteries. That's why you often will see the battery manufacturer make the best and worst batteries at the same factory. You should take the battery back to the Advance Auto Parts store and perform a load test.

How long does the battery last on an Autocraft?

One downside of AutoCraft batteries is that they don't have the best warranty periods out there, except the AutoCraft Gold, which can last at least 5 or 6 years. The same can't be said for economy AutoCraft battery.

What are the different grades of Autocraft batteries?

The AutoCraft Battery is a line of automotive batteries offered at Advance Auto Parts. The MaintainYourRide team will take an in-depth look at each of the different grades of AutoCraft Battery. There are currently 4 grades of AutoCraft Battery:

Who are the battery manufacturers in the USA?

The automotive, truck, and marine batteries are made by Johnson Controls which makes 65% of the automotive, truck, and marine batteries sold in the USA. Johnson Controls also makes the batteries for Wal-Mart and AutoZone.

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