What 90's basketball cards are worth money?

What 90's basketball cards are worth money?

What 90's basketball cards are worth money?

Most Valuable Cards 1990s: Kobe Bryant

  • 1996 Topps Chrome Refractor (Check Price)
  • 1996 Finest Gold Refractor (Check Price)
  • 1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey Michael Jordan (Check Price)
  • 1997 SPx Michael Jordan Die-Cut Autograph (Check Price)
  • 1997 Skybox E-X2001 Michael Jordan (Check Price)

Are any sports cards from the 90's worth anything?

Another highly collectible and valuable baseball rookie card from the 1993 SP set is the Chipper Jones rookie card. Chipper Jones is one of the most valuable and collectible 90's baseball cards falling just short of Derek Jeter. His 1993 SP rookie card, in gem mint condition, sells for around $800 on average.

How do you know if a basketball card is valuable?

Check to See If the Card Has a Low Print Run Any card with a 25 print run or less is more rare than other cards. You should also look for authentic autographs. If the card is from 2000 or more recent, then it will be certified. If it isn't, you can get it certified.

What is the rarest basketball card?

Most Expensive Basketball Card Ever: LeBron James Rookie Card Sells For $5.

How much is a 1990 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr card worth?

Ken Griffey Jr. #156 1990 Upper Deck
Sale Date ▲ ▼Title ▲ ▼▲ ▼ Price
2021-07-23Ken Griffey JR 1990 Upper Deck #156 Graded PSA 9 Mint 156$15.

What basketball card brands are worth money?

Panini Dominates the Basketball market. They have a ton of brands in the market which people go crazy for. Paper, chrome, and autograph cards or rookies can all fetch thousands of dollars. Especially when graded by psa or bgs.

What basketball cards are worth money today?

LeBron James and Luka Doncic trading cards are the hottest ones in the business

  1. LeBron James 2003 Topps Chrome Rookie Refractor #111. ...
  2. Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer Rookie #57. ...
  3. LeBron James 2003 Topps Chrome Rookie #111. ...
  4. Larry Bird/Julius Erving/Magic Johnson 1980 Topps Scoring Leader N/A.

What Kobe Bryant cards are worth money?

13 Most Valuable Kobe Bryant Rookie Cards

  • 1996 Topps Chrome Refractor #138. ...
  • 1996 Skybox E-X2000 Credentials #30. ...
  • 1996 Flair Showcase Legacy Row 0 #31. ...
  • 1996 Finest Gold Atomic Refractor #269. ...
  • 1996 Ultra Platinum Medallion #P52. ...
  • 1996 Flair Showcase Legacy Row 1 #31. ...
  • 1996 Flair Showcase Legacy Row 2 #31. ...
  • 1996 Skybox E-X2000 #30.

What is the highest paid basketball card?

Most Expensive Basketball Card Ever: LeBron James Rookie Card Sells For $5.

Are there any basketball cards that are worth anything?

If you’re a 90s kid like me, or one who fell in love with basketball during the 90s, you’re probably missing the golden age of NBA. You’re probably also sitting on a huge number of 90s NBA cards and wondering if they’re worth anything. Well, in this article, we’re going to see what 90s Basketball cards are worth money today.

Are there any basketball cards from the 1990's?

Like the 1990 Fleer and Skybox sets, there were just so many of these cards printed. And to have any value at all, the cards on this list will need to be graded in PSA 10 gem mint condition...meaning they're nearly flawless. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's take a look at the list:

How much was a 1990 Michael Jordan basketball card worth?

1990 Hoops #5 Michael Jordan All-Star Estimated PSA 10 Value: $300 While the base cards in this set featured grey borders, the All-Star cards turned things up a notch with their gold borders. The city of Miami hosted the 1990 All-Star game that was packed with superstars and featured 19 future Hall of Famers across both conferences.

Who are the best basketball players of the 90s?

1 Michael Jordan (MJ cards are easily the most valuable from the 90s) 2 Magic Johnson 3 Shaq 4 Koby Bryant 5 Charles Barkley 6 Gary Payton 7 Karl Malone 8 Scottie Pippen 9 Hakeem Olajuwon 10 Grant Hill

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