Are interior barn doors a fad?

Are interior barn doors a fad?

Are interior barn doors a fad?

One element that is all the rage at the moment is barn doors. However, are they a passing fad or an ongoing staple in home design? ... Regardless of the style or trend, barn doors are incredibly functional! They are a perfect alternative to pocket doors: the bane of any contractor's and many homeowner's existences.

Why do people have barn doors in their house?

There was a good reason for the barn door madness: Not every hallway has space for a swinging door, and if you were trying to stuff a laundry room into a tight spot, barn doors were an easy solution. (Plus, they’re cuter than a pocket door.)

Is the farmhouse decor going out of style?

"Farmhouse decor—which is tied to HGTV's Fixer Upper show—will look a little dated as time passes," Cindy says. "In ten years, will people still love barn doors?"

What are the new interior design trends for 2021?

Industrial styling may be the next big trend in 2021. Mixing wood and metal in the home is becoming more trendy. Industrial interior style often incorporates elements such as exposed stonework, high ceilings, wood and metal elements, and neutral colors.

Are there any trends that will go out of style in 2020?

According to the annual Sherwin-Williams Designer Panel, which interviewed 250 top interior designers and decorators, the following three super popular trends won't be so stylish in 2020. Plus, they gave some valuable insights on what to decorate with instead.

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