What can I do with 78 rpm records?

What can I do with 78 rpm records?

What can I do with 78 rpm records?

If you have old 78s you'd like to donate, the Great 78 Project will accept your old 78 records and digitize them to post online. But reading their FAQs, it does not appear they will ship those old records back to you.

What's the most valuable 78 record?

Longtime Blues record collector and expert John Tefteller was the winning bidder at $37,100.

Does anyone still make 78 rpm records?

33, 45, and 78 Today Most of the records sold after the '80s were full-length 33 LPs. However, some new bands still released an EP (or Extended Play) on a 45rpm record. 78s are hard to come by today.

How do I get rid of old 78 records?

There are numerous ways of disposing of old vinyl records.

  1. Sell old vinyl records on eBay. ...
  2. Sell records at a garage sale or flea market. ...
  3. Place a classified ad in your local paper or in your local area of Craigslist. ...
  4. Call your local library and see if they accept donations of vinyl records.

Can you play 78 records on a modern turntable?

Answer: Yes, Audio-Technica's popular AT-LP120-USB and AT-LP1240-USB turntables will allow the platter to play at the 78 RPM speed. But the correct speed is only part of the solution – a proper 78 RPM stylus should also be used when playing 78 RPM records on your turntable.

How much is a Robert Johnson 78 worth?

Yes, it's rare, but you could count on your hands and toes the number of people who would buy it for a few thousand dollars." The only Robert Johnson 78 on eBay is a rough-looking copy of "Kind Woman Blues/Terraplane Blues," up for $1,150.

How much are Elvis Presley 78 records worth?

The 78 rpm record, with its tattered yellow label, was once valued at $500,000 by Record Collector magazine, but in reality sold for $240,000 dollars (£160,000) in the Graceland auction. With a 25% auction house premium of $60,000 dollars (£40,000), the total buyer price came to $300,000.

What records are 78 rpm?

Any flat disc record, made between about 1898 and the late 1950s and playing at a speed around 78 revolutions per minute is called a "78" by collectors. The materials of which discs were made and with which they were coated were also various; shellac eventually became the commonest material.

Is there a market for old 78s?

There is a market for anything—78 records included. Old records, 78 or otherwise, are in general not worth a lot. Scarcity and demand are everything. Some rare material may sell for significant sums.

Do 78 records need a different needle?

Please note that a 78 RPM stylus with a diameter of 3 mil is necessary for shellac records (pre-1958) and a stylus with a diameter of . 6 mil is designed for 78 RPM vinyl records.

Are there any old 78 rpm records that are worth anything?

Contrary to many other manufactured products (as a group) the newest and most recent 78 RPM records made in the 1950s and the early 1960s are worth the most and the majority of 78 RPM records made before 1950 have very little or no value at all. Let's face it, most collectors who remember and purchase records made...

How to find a 78 rpm Elvis record?

The database is updated constantly. Enter keywords (example: ELVIS PRESLEY or PARAMOUNT and always include the words 78 RPM RECORD) into the searchbox at the top of this page, then click the WHAT'S IT WORTH button. Our search engine will find matching pages based on keywords you type into the Search Box. Too many results? Be more specific.

What's the highest price for a 78 record?

Currently the highest priced 78 for sale on the Discogs marketplace is a rare doo wop record by The Four Buddies called I Will Wait which is on offer for $7800 . There are a handful of other 78s for sale for over $1000.

What's the most expensive 78 rpm blues record?

John Tefteller buys the world's MOST EXPENSIVE 78! Longtime Blues record collector and expert John Tefteller was the winning bidder at $37,100.

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