How do I remove magazines from Zinio?

How do I remove magazines from Zinio?

How do I remove magazines from Zinio?

How can I remove magazines from my Zinio account when I'm finished with them? You can do this in Your Library. Click Edit Your Reading List (top right) and a big X will appear on each issue. Click the X on each issue you want to remove.

How do I delete archived magazines on Zinio?

If you wish to remove a magazine from your library:

  1. Go to Library > Magazines.
  2. Go to the magazine you wish to permanently delete.
  3. Tap on.
  4. Select Archive.

How do I archive a magazine?

How to Archive/Restore a Magazine

  1. Go to Library > Magazines.
  2. Tap on Select.
  3. Tap on the magazines you wish to archive (or Select All)
  4. Select Archive.

How do I delete my Zinio account?

To cancel your current subscription package please:

  1. Sign in.
  2. Click on "My Account" > go to "Account Overview"
  3. Select "My Profile"
  4. Go to "Current Subscription Package" and click on "Cancel"

How do I delete magazines from RBDigital?

OR Download the RBdigital App from your App Store....Your Collection

  1. To see the magazines that you have checked out, click on “My Collection” in the upper. ...
  2. To read a magazine in your collection simply click on the cover image.
  3. To delete a magazine from your collection click on the garbage bin icon below the cover image.

How do I delete magazines from my iPad?

You can tap and hold down on a magazine icon until it wiggles and then tap the X on the icon to delete it. Or, tap the Library button in your magazine app to show all of the issues on the iPad, and then tap the Edit button to bring up the X to delete.

How do I delete history on RBDigital?

If you're using the RBDigital app on your tablet or smartphone, use the menu to select "Checked Out". The next screen will show the ocvers of all issues you've checked out. Click the small "x" in the upper right of each magazine cover image to return (delete) that issue.

Can I download my Zinio magazines?

Once an issue of a publication has been purchased, to download this to your computer: Install the Desktop Reader. Select the publication. Tap on the download arrow.

How do I scan a magazine into a PDF?

Scan a paper document to PDF using a preset (Windows)

  1. Choose Tools > Create PDF > Scanner > [document preset]. Note: ...
  2. Click Scan.
  3. If prompted to scan more pages, select Scan More Pages, Scan Reverse Sides, or Scan Is Complete, and click OK.

How do I stop auto renewal on Zinio?

How to Manage Subscriptions

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Click.
  3. Click on Subscriptions & Payments.
  4. Go to Subscriptions.
  5. Go to your subscription and click Manage.
  6. Enable or disable as per your preference.

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