Can white matter disease go away?

Can white matter disease go away?

Can white matter disease go away?

White matter disease doesn't have a cure, but there are treatments that can help manage your symptoms. The primary treatment is physical therapy. Physical therapy can help with any balance and walking difficulties you may develop.

What does it mean when you have a lot of white matter in your brain?

The presence of white matter hyperintensities has been correlated with a higher risk of stroke, which can lead to vascular dementia. White matter hyperintensities are often referred to as white matter disease. Initially, white matter disease was thought to simply be related to aging.

Which is the best treatment for white matter disease?

Treatment of white matter disease starts after diagnosing the patient, which includes taking X-rays, MRI scans and CT scans. In order to treat the condition, the patient must control the vascular risk factors, especially variable hypertension. Apart from this, the patient is prescribed vitamin B6 supplements or Pyridoxine.

When to see a doctor for white matter disease?

So when something’s wrong with it, you might notice: White matter disease is different from Alzheimer's, which affects the brain ’s gray matter. If you're having memory problems or a loved one is, a doctor will need to run tests to make a diagnosis. How Is It Diagnosed? Advances in medical imaging have made white matter disease easier to spot.

How to diagnose white matter in the brain?

Your doctor may diagnose white matter disease by discussing symptoms and using imaging tests. Many people with the white matter in brain disease approach the doctor complaining about balance problems. After asking a few specific questions about your symptoms, your doctor will probably order an MRI.

Is it possible to stop age related white matter disease?

Age-related white matter disease is progressive, meaning it can get worse. But you can take steps to stop it from spreading. Scientists think you might even be able to repair the damage, if you catch it early.

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