How do you insert a blank box in Word?

How do you insert a blank box in Word?

How do you insert a blank box in Word?

In the “Symbol” window, click the “Font” dropdown and choose the “Wingdings 2” option. You can scroll through the symbols to find the empty square symbol that looks like a check box, or you just type the number “163” into the “Character Code” box to automatically select it.

What does this emoji mean 📦?

Emoji Meaning Commonly used for content concerning shipping, delivery, and moving as well as for boxes more generally. Apple's design features an image of a wine glass, indicating fragile contents, and “this way up” orientation arrows.

How to check if input box is empty?

So we have created the HTML text box, assigned it a name ("val" in this case) and then we added the onsubmit code, this code checks to see if the current input box is empty and if it is, then, upon form submit it will fill it with the words empty.

Where to find empty checkbox symbol in word?

Click to check the Advanced view check-box to expand the dialog box for more advanced options. On the advanced view, type Ballot in the Search box. You should now see the Empty Checkbox (☐) Symbol on the character map dialog. If you can’t see it, then you should look through the library of symbols to spot it.

How to fill a form with an empty value?

Click your cursor in the box and then hit enter to see the form submit the value. You can set a callback function for the onSubmit event of the form and check the contents of each field. If it contains nothing you can then fill it with the string "empty": and in your js:

How to put text in a blank cell?

1 Select the range in which you will enter or display text if cells are blank. 2 Click the Home > Find & Select > Go to Special. 3 In the opening Go To Special dialog box, only check the Blanks option, and click the OK button. ... 4 Type the text you want to display in blank cell, and then press the Ctrl + Enter keys simultaneously.

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