Can you use one em dash?

Can you use one em dash?

Can you use one em dash?

We use em-dashes to add emphasis to the size of the car. It's also important that when you set off a phrase using em-dashes that you used one em-dash immediately after the noun the phrase is describing and one immediately after the phrase. Don't replace the second em-dash (as some tend to) with a comma or semicolon.

What is the use of em dash?

Em-dashes can be used to suggest an afterthought, to set off extra information within a sentence, to signal an abrupt shift, and to emphasize a thought or sentence. Em-dashes can be used to summarize or illustrate a thought as in the example below. Ex.

How to type an em dash on a computer?

..less simple: you need to use an alt code to get an em dash. If you have a numeric keyboard, hold down the Alt key and type 0151 for an em dash or 0150 for an en dash. And that series of words was so profoundly absurd that it gave me a migraine.

Can a hyphen be used as a shortcut for em dash?

Use these shortcuts, instead: There’s a catch, though. You’ll need to use the hyphen/minus sign on a numerical keypad, because the hyphen key on the alphanumeric keyboard won’t work for this shortcut. Another option for an em dash shortcut is to type in a double hyphen, followed by a space.

When do you use two em dashes in a word?

2 em dash The 2 em dash can be used to indicate missing letters in a word, either because material is missing or illegible, or to conceal a name.

Which is longer an en dash or an em dash?

There are three different types of dashes in English writing. Em dash is just one of them. An em dash is also known as a long dash. It is a dash longer than an en dash (–) and three times as long as a hyphen (-).

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