How do you type exponents on an iPad keyboard?

How do you type exponents on an iPad keyboard?

How do you type exponents on an iPad keyboard?

Text Exponents: Making a Shortcut Go to "Settings," then tap "General," "Keyboard" and "Text Replacement." Tap the "+" symbol in the top right corner of the screen. Under "Phrase," paste the symbol you want, such as "2" if you want the squared symbol, and then type "^2" in the Shortcut field. Tap "Save" to confirm.

What is the shortcut key of superscript in Libreoffice writer?

Press Ctrl+Shift+P to make the text superscript, and Ctrl+Shift+B to make the text subscript.

How do you type fractions on an iPad?

Format fractions automatically in Pages on iPad

  1. Tap. , then tap Auto-Correction.
  2. Turn on Auto-Format Fractions, then tap outside the controls.
  3. Type a fraction (for example, 1/2), then tap the Space bar and keep typing, or tap Return.

How to make characters superscript or subscript on iPad?

Tap in the Font section of the controls. If you don’t see text controls, tap Text or Cell. Tap a baseline option (superscript or subscript). You can set Pages to make numerical suffixes superscript as you type. Tap , then tap Auto-Correction. Turn on Number Suffixes, then tap outside the popover.

What's the best way to type a subscript?

Tap the subscript character you want to type. Find and tap the subscript you want to type on the keyboard. This will instantly type the character you select here. You can use the " nabc " button on the bottom-right corner, and see more superscript and subscript characters. Thanks for submitting a tip for review!

How to make a superscript in Microsoft Word?

Works in Yosemite and earlier OS's back to Mountain Lion that by default support Unicode per an Apple KB article. In Microsoft Word 2011, you type [Command]+ [Shift]+ [=] to generate a superscript and [Command]+ [=] to generate a subscript of selected text.

How can I convert text to subscript on my computer?

Highlight the text you want to convert into subscript. Use your mouse or keyboard, and select the character or the text you want to make subscript. Press Control+D (Windows) or ⌘ Command+D (Mac). This will open the font properties in a new pop-up window. "Subscript" box in the Font window.

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