What does it mean to underscore a letter?

What does it mean to underscore a letter?

What does it mean to underscore a letter?

underline An underscore, also called an underline, low line, or low dash, is a line drawn under a segment of text. In proofreading, underscoring is a convention that says "set this text in italic type", traditionally used on manuscript or typescript as an instruction to the printer.

Where is the underscore on the keypad?

The underscore key on an American or British keyboard layout is on the same key as the hyphen, and can be used by holding down one of the shift keys and pressing the hyphen key. It is found to the right hand side of the 0 key at the top of the keyboard.

How do you underscore a letter on Android?

On the touch pad, press the "123" key - to the left of the spacebar - to switch between letters and numbers. In numeric mode, press the "1/3" key. The underscore key will appear in the top row of symbols.

What's an underscore used for?

The underscore ( _ ) is also known as an understrike, underbar, or underline, and is a character that was originally on a typewriter keyboard and was used simply to underline words or numbers for emphasis. Today, the character is used to create visual spacing in a sequence of words where whitespace is not permitted.

What does it mean to underscore a letter?

An underline, also called an underscore, is a more or less horizontal line immediately below a portion of writing. Underlines are sometimes used as a diacritic, to indicate that a letter has a different pronunciation from its non-underlined form. how do you underscore an email address? To use the underscore, press Shift and the underscore key.

How do you type an underscore on a computer?

On Windows or Mac computers, press "Shift" and the "hyphen" key to type an underscore. You can also use an alt code to type an underscore if you prefer.

Is there a way to underline a letter on a computer?

You can underline text, but that is different from using an underscore as a character on its own. You can type an underscore easily on both Mac and Windows computers. The underscore symbol shares a key with the hyphen symbol, and it's found to the right of the "0" key on the row above the letters.

How do you underscore an email address on your keyboard?

Well, if you want to underscore an email address then simply follow these instructions. On your keyboard in the upside you have number like 1234567890. Immediately after 0 you have a sign like -. When you want to put an underscore you have to just press the shift button and this sign. For example, [email protected]

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