How do you strikethrough on a Mac keyboard?

How do you strikethrough on a Mac keyboard?

How do you strikethrough on a Mac keyboard?

2. Use your keyboard shortcut for the strikethrough effect (Mac only)

  1. Select the text you want to strike out in your Mac Word document.
  2. On your keyboard hold down Command + Shift + X.

How do you Unbold something?

Note that you can also elect to click the Clear All Formatting button if you want to remove all of the formatting from the selected text. Additionally, pressing Ctrl + B on your keyboard will allow you to bold or un-bold selected text.

How do you Unbold notes on Mac?

Answer: A: I was just given a solution that worked for me. If you go to Settings and click on Notes, find where it says “New notes start with.” This may have been changed to ”Title”. You can change it back to ”Body” and fix the problem.

How do you highlight on a Mac?

Highlight text in Pages on Mac

  1. 1) Select the text by dragging through it or double-clicking it.
  2. 2) Click Insert > Highlight from the menu bar or use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + H.
  3. 1) Tap your text, in the context menu choose either Select or Select All depending on what you want to highlight.

How do you Unbold a word using the keyboard?

Undo a change: Ctrl + Z — "Z" is for "zap that last change!" Redo an undo: Ctrl + Y — In other words, undo an undo. Two "U"s make ... a "Y?" Bold text: Ctrl + B — "B" is for "bold."

How do you italicize on a Macbook?

Mac keyboard shortcuts for text formatting

  1. Bold text: Command + B.
  2. Underline text: Command + U.
  3. Italicize text: Command + i.
  4. Add superscript: Ctrl + Shift + Command + +
  5. Add subscript: Ctrl + Command + -
  6. Make highlighted text larger or smaller: Command + Shift + > or Command + Shift +

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