How do you uncomment lines in an atom?

How do you uncomment lines in an atom?

How do you uncomment lines in an atom?

According to this, cmd + / should do it. And for Windows and Linux, it is ctrl + / . Atom does not have a specific comment-block function, but if you select more rows and then use the normal ctrl - / (Windows or Linux) cmd - / (Mac), it will comment all the lines. and now it works!

How do you uncomment multiple lines on a Spyder?

The shortcut to comment out multiple lines of code in spyder IDE is to first select all the lines which need to be commented out and then the key combination ctrl+4 is pressed.

How do you write multiple lines in an atom?

shift-alt-down or shift-alt-up to put multi-cursor at multiple lines.

How do I comment in node JS?

The first way is the single-line comment by using two forward slashes ( // ).

How do you uncomment multiple lines in Codelite?

Select both lines use mouse, select "Edit-Comment-Comment Line". Result: both lines will be commented out. Use mouse cursor to select both lines.

How do you uncomment in notepad?

4 Answers

  1. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C — comment selection.
  2. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R — uncomment selection.

How to comment out and uncomment lines in a configuration file?

To uncomment the section and enable the feature, you’d change this section to: This is a multi-line PHP comment (C-style comment) where /* begins the comment and */ ends the comment. › What Is Dolby Vision for Games?

How to comment or uncomment multiple lines in VBA?

How to comment or un-comment multiple lines together. Unfortunately in VBA there is no short cut key to do so. But don’t worry, method 3 is very useful in this case. You can use the same buttons Comment Block and Un-comment Block to do this. Simply select all the lines you want to comment or un comment it and press the relevant button as ...

Is there a way to uncomment all lines in SED?

An uncomment command can be created analogously. sed 's line selection is quite powerful. In addition to specifying first and last lines by number, it is also possible to specify them by a regex. So, if you want to command all lines from the one containing foo to the one containing bar, use:

How to comment and uncomment multiple lines in Vim?

There are several ways you can comment and uncomment a range of lines in vim editor. Step 1: Make sure your are in command mode by pressing Esc key. Step2: Move your cusor to the start of the starting line of the block that you want to comment out.

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