How do you uncross text?

How do you uncross text?

How do you uncross text?

2. Use the Font dialog box strikethrough command

  1. Select the text you want to cross out.
  2. Select the Home tab.
  3. Click the downward facing arrow in the Font group.
  4. Select Strikethrough (pictured below)
  5. Click OK.

Is there a shortcut for highlighting in Google Docs?

For example, to open the Insert menu on a Mac, press Ctrl + Option + i. To select "Image," type the underlined letter i....Keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs.
Common actions
Select allCtrl + a
Extend selection one characterShift + Left/right arrow
Extend selection one lineShift + Up/down arrow
Extend selection one wordCtrl + Shift + Left/right arrow

What does Ctrl and R do?

What Does Ctrl+R Do? ☆☛✅In all major Internet browsers (e.g., Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera), pressing Ctrl+R refreshes (reloads) the open page. In Microsoft Word and other word processor programs, pressing Ctrl+R aligns the line or selected text to the right of the screen.

How do you cross out text in Google Docs?

Firstly, you have to open Google Docs on your PC. In google docs, you have to open the document in which you want to do strikethrough the text. Now you have to select the text which you want to cross out. After that, you need to press the Shift + Alt + 5 on your keyboard.

How do you undo strikethrough text in Google Docs?

How do you undo strikethrough text in Google Docs? Highlight the text that you want to undo strikethrough text on. Then click on ‘Format’ in the toolbar at the top, hover over ‘Text,’ and click ‘Strikethrough.’ You can also keyboard shortcuts to undo strikethrough text much faster.

How to put a line through text in Google Docs?

In the menu that appears, hover over or select the Text option and then select Strikethrough . Alternatively, once you've highlighted the text, you can use keyboard shortcuts to place a line through the selected text without deleting it. The keyboard shortcuts are:

How can I Make my text curve in Google Docs?

Click on “Text” from the sidebar menu on the left. Choose “Curved Text.” Once you do, it will appear on the white background. Double-tap on it. Delete the words from the box below the curved text. Start typing your text. This is the most basic method to create curved text.

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