How do you type the two dots over the A on a Mac?

How do you type the two dots over the A on a Mac?

How do you type the two dots over the A on a Mac?

To create an Umlaut (Two dots on the top) accent, press Option(Alt)+U, and then type the vowel you want.

When do you put two dots over a letter?

Standard U.S. keyboards don't include an umlaut key. When using foreign words or names in your business correspondence, it's often necessary to add two dots above a vowel to form an umlauted character. Umlauts are used in German words to change the sound of a vowel, although many other languages use them as well.

How do you type the two dots on the O?

O3 is called ozone and it looks like this: O = O - O The dots go around the oxygens in order of how many more they need to make 8. The other answer for this is O - O = O and then fill in the other missing 10 dots again.

How do you type the letter E with two dots above it?

If this is for Microsoft word or publisher you can go to insert and then select symbol, and choose which character you want (like the a with an accent or o with two dots above) If this is not for word or publisher, then you can copy it from word or publisher. Or go to the Windows start menu and select the character map.

Why are the two dots over a vowel?

This alphabet, based on Roman and Greek letters is used by scientists and linguists to analyze any language. Historically speaking, the letters {ä} {ö} {ü} first appeared with an {e} written above the letters (which I've seen still on German signs). Over time, they simplified to two dots.

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