Where is the underscore on a keyboard?

Where is the underscore on a keyboard?

Where is the underscore on a keyboard?

An underscore, _, can be typed in by pressing the shift button on the keyboard and the button located between the 0 key and the = key at the same time.

How do you do an underscore on an Iphone?

First tap the number key, and then the symbols key, then you can tap the underscore.) Bonus tip: Try tapping and holding other symbol keys.

When do you use underscore in a text?

The underscore joins two words or separates letters and numbers when the text cannot have a space. The underscore character also works to create a space in both IP addresses and website user names.

How do you underline a text on a keyboard?

Type the text or passage. The characters will appear underlined as you type them. Press Control-U or Command-U again to turn off underlining. Hold down the Shift key and use the arrow, Home and End keys or the mouse to highlight the text you want to underline. Press Control-U or Command-U to apply the underline.

Where is the underscore key on the keyboard?

Look for the underscore key beside the zero key on the keyboard. This key has two lines, one for the hyphen and the other for the underscore. To use the underscore, press Shift and the underscore key.

Where do you put underscore on an email address?

Once you have an idea for an email address, write it in the text field on the respective website. You can also use the underscore to separate a name and numbers in an email address, which creates a more unique ID, such as [email protected] or [email protected]

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