How do you type underscore on iPhone?

How do you type underscore on iPhone?

How do you type underscore on iPhone?

Tap the 123 key, then tap the key that shows #+=. This will bring up the second page of characters and you will find the underscore symbol at the start of the 2nd row. If desired, this article gives more information about your iPhone's keyboard: Type with the onscreen keyboard on iPhone.

How do you make an underscore on a keyboard?

To make an underscore when using default keyboard settings in iOS, simply hit the key labeled "#+=." Find the underscore key on the far left side of the keyboard. Open the keyboard by selecting a text entry box where you would like to type the underscore. Once the keyboard is open, select the "#+=" key.

How do I type underscore on iPhone, E-G?

Answer:A: ok, when you are typing, hit the ".?123" key then hit the "#+=" and you have more options like '*' and underscore. hope that helps. MoreLess Posted on 11:20 PM

How do I underscore a character on my iMac?

Shift>Hyphen keys insert an underscore before/after a character. But I need to underscore some uppercase letters (eg A, B...) to insert in a password field (password was set up by a Windows user and uses underscored letters –underlines don't work). The Mac character viewer calls an underscore a low line.

How to type an underscore in an email address?

You misunderstood your friend. One of the letters in their email address IS an underscore. To type an underscore '_' use the SHIFT and '-' key. MoreLess 12:23 PM

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