How do I convert STEP files to Navisworks?

How do I convert STEP files to Navisworks?

How do I convert STEP files to Navisworks?


  1. STEP file will be imported to AutoCAD Drawing.
  2. Save Drawing and Close AutoCAD.
  3. Install Navisworks Exporter Utility for AutoCAD.
  4. Launch AutoCAD and Open the saved drawing.
  5. Type NWCOUT in command line.

What files can Navisworks open?

Formats natively supported include:

  • NavisWorks - . nwd, . nwf, . ...
  • AutoCAD Drawing - . dwg, . dxf (up to AutoCAD 2018)
  • MicroStation (SE, J, V8, & XM) - . dgn, . ...
  • 3D Studio Max - . 3ds, . ...
  • ACIS SAT - . sat, . ...
  • DWF - . dwf, . ...
  • CATIA - . model, session, . ...

Can AutoCAD open Navisworks files?

While Navisworks files cannot be directly opened in AutoCAD for editing purposes, they can be attached as coordination models using the External References palette.

What is Autodesk Navisworks used for?

Used primarily in construction industries to complement 3D design packages (such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, and MicroStation) Navisworks allows users to open and combine 3D models, navigate around them in real-time and review the model using a set of tools including comments, redlining, viewpoint, and measurements.

Can navisworks import STEP files?

Navisworks Freedom will only open NWD or 3D DWF files. so you would need to append/open the . stp file in Navisworks Simulate or Manage and the save as . NWD so this can be viewed in Navisworks Freedom.

Can you convert NWD to DWG?

The main purpose of a Published NWD file is to enable file sharing in a secured/non-editable format. Accordingly, you cannot convert an NWD file into DGN, DWG or any other editable file format.

Is navisworks a BIM?

Navisworks is one of the flagship BIM solutions offered in the AEC Collection that serves design and construction users globally with the ability to holistically review integrated models and data for better control over project planning and outcomes.

How do I convert Navisworks to DWG?


  1. Click the menu browser button located at the top-left corner of the application window.
  2. Click Autodesk Navisworks Export Option on the Autodesk Navisworks menu.
  3. Expand the File Exporters node in the Options Editor, and click the DWG page. ...
  4. Click OK to save the changes.

What is Navisworks Manage 2020?

Navisworks Manage 2020 from Autodesk is advanced project evaluation software that gives you with greater control over your project results. Create simulations of designs, check for errors between models and adjust accordingly, all within a user-friendly environment.

How do you open STEP files in Catia?

Like he said above, just drag and drop onto catia screen. That is how i open all catia files, step files and igs files. Opening CATIA files by double clicking is a bad habit. If CATIA is already running, you should be fine. But if a new copy of CATIA opens up, you run the risk of CATIA not seeing any of your customized environment.

How to import SolidWorks file into CATIA?

Step. and then Import it to [&Catia&]. this [&will&] ensure that your tree structure is maintained. For [&Catia&] Product you can Save it is CATproduct and not as [&CATpart&]. so save the same and all the related components [&will&] save.

How to export step and iges files in Catia?

The license: ST1. To access this license, you may need to go to Tools > Options > General > Shareable Products and select it from the list. (In my scenario, I already have the ST1 license, so it’s not selectable as a Shareable Product.) Once you’ve got the license, head to File > Save As… and choose the stp (*.stp) option.

How to export STEP files in Catia v5-rand?

Head to Tools > Options > General > Compatibility > STEP. Make sure that “3D annotations” is enabled in the General section. Under Export, set the Application Protocol to either AP203 ed2, AP214 ed3, or AP242. Now, the 3D Annotation data is saved in the STEP files. IGES and STEP are two very common and necessary file types when exporting data.

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