Can bamboo flooring be installed on concrete?

Can bamboo flooring be installed on concrete?

Can bamboo flooring be installed on concrete?

Bamboo flooring is very versatile and can be installed on almost any sub-floor. Bamboo flooring can be either glued down to concrete or screed, or floated over an underlay. ... You have the choice of either gluing your floor down directly to the concrete or floating it over an underlay.

What is the best flooring for a basement cement floor?

Ceramic tile is the designer's choice, with tons of colors and styles. It's unaffected by moisture and goes directly onto concrete that's smooth and free of cracks. Vinyl tile and sheet flooring also goes directly over prepared concrete and will withstand even minor flooding with no ill effect.

Does bamboo flooring give off toxic fumes?

There are now several special standards to qualify that products meet strict indoor air quality standards, so you can be assured that your gorgeous bamboo floors will not expose you or your family to toxic chemicals. These standards include: ... The CARB Phase 2 indoor air standard.

What is the best flooring for a concrete floor?

For the money, The best flooring types for concrete slabs are luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or planks (LVP) and ceramic or stone tile. These products are durable and work well in any room.

Can you put click together bamboo flooring in the basement?

With click together flooring the installation is generally easy, as is the removal of the product at a later date. With engineered bamboo, you can get the look and feel of the natural material, while still ensuring that your floor is safe from moisture problems that can occur in the basement.

Can you put bamboo flooring on a wood floor?

Bamboo boards go down like wood—so if you're comfortable nailing or gluing tongue-and-groove oak or snapping down a floating floor, you can tackle bamboo. Which rooms to install it in? Anywhere you'd use wood—including baths, kitchens, basements—but it's subject to the same risk of damage from excess moisture or dryness as hardwood.

Is there warranty for bamboo flooring at ambient?

At Ambient we provide a warranty for our engineered floors installed in basements, but not our solid floors, however the truth is that if you have a stable humidity environment in your basement, you can install solid bamboo flooring as well by gluing it down using a vapor barrier adhesive. We...

How much does it cost to install bamboo flooring?

From $2 to $10 per square foot for both solid and engineered boards, depending on type and finish. Expect to pay the same for installation as with a wood floor. DIY or hire a pro?

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