Do bailiffs have to tell you they are coming?

Do bailiffs have to tell you they are coming?

Do bailiffs have to tell you they are coming?

Bailiffs can only visit you after they've sent you a letter to let you know they'll be coming. This letter is called a notice of enforcement and should be received seven clear days before the visit.

Do High Court bailiffs have to give notice?

You'll get a notice of enforcement letter from the HCEO telling you that they're going to call. They have to give you at least seven days' notice before their first visit.

What do bailiffs do if you have nothing?

If you let the bailiff into your home If you don't make an agreement the bailiffs could remove your things to sell and pay off your debt. Read more about what happens if bailiffs say they'll sell your belongings.

Can bailiffs come at weekends?

What times can they visit? In practice bailiffs should not come before 6am, after 9pm, on Sundays and bank holidays, or on specific religious festivals. If they do, this could count as harassment.

What happens if I can't pay a bailiff?

If you do let a bailiff in but do not pay them they may take some of your belongings. They could sell the items to pay debts and cover their fees. You may be able to get extra time to make a payment or get debt advice if you're a vulnerable person (for example, you have mental health problems or are seriously ill).

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