How long can a cop follow you before pulling you over?

How long can a cop follow you before pulling you over?

How long can a cop follow you before pulling you over?

There is no limit on how long a police officer may choose to follow you before pulling you over. In other words, it is up to the officer's discretion. They can follow you for as long as it takes them to reasonably determine that you might pose a danger to public safety.

Can cops follow you?

Officers can follow you to as many blocks as there are as long as they're within their jurisdiction. If you are no longer in their jurisdiction, a police officer can call for backup in the next jurisdiction to continue tailing you – but that is if you've committed a crime.

Can the police randomly pull you over?

In short, the police can pull you over whenever they like on the roads. Once they do so, they're allowed to ask to see your driving licence, insurance and MOT certificate.

Why do police follow you before pulling you over?

First, they are notifying dispatchers to check for wants and warrants, stolen, etc. Sometimes dispatch is busy and the officer must wait. They also try to pull you over in a safe area both for you and for them, and they tell the dispatcher where that stop is taking place just in case.

Can you refuse to go in for questioning?

You Can Always Say 'No' to Police Questioning Even if you're not the subject of a criminal investigation, you always have the right to decline to answer police questions. This applies whether an officer approaches you on the street, calls you to come into the station for questioning, or even after you're arrested.

Is it illegal to drive around for no reason?

If you fully own your property and are moving it to a destination, it's actually illegal to tax, permit or license your doing so. It is a rightful act to go anywhere you want, at any time, free of charge, and to carry your belongings with you.

Can police Breathalyse you for no reason?

The police can, however, breathalyse a person without a reasonable suspicion that the person has consumed alcohol/drugs, if they have committed a traffic offence whilst the vehicle is in motion (e.g. driving carelessly, having defective lights, failing to comply with a traffic sign [obviously not a parking sign] or ...

What side do you pull over?

If you are on an interstate or highway, there is usually an adequate amount of space on the right side of the road for you to pull over there. Never pull over on the left side of the road, even if there is a median.

Can a police officer pull you over without a reason?

The police don't have the right to pull you over without probable cause, notes Dallas criminal attorney Mick Mickelson. What's more, if they do pull you over without a reason to do so and subsequently find evidence of a crime in your car, "they usually can't use that evidence in court against you." 18

Why does a cop keep following a person?

Cops will follow people for a number of reasons, the number one reason being the person(s) are doing or acting suspicious or in such a manner as to attract the cops attention, therefore causing the cops to follow them. Other reasons can include not using turn signals, speeding or not doing the speed limit, running stop signs/lights ect, ect.

Can a cop follow you around till you do something wrong?

Swerving is taken seriously by cops, it can indicate a drunk or drugged driver. If your license says you cannot have passengers after certain hours, or immediate family only, you obey those restrictions. Or you can lose your license. The quick answer to your question is yes.

Can a police officer follow you to your driveway?

A police officer can follow you to your driveway if he/she wishes to do so. Pandy is correct. The law is the law. It isn't up to interpretation because you believe you have a really good reason to break it.

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