Is Felix a good Dancer?

Is Felix a good Dancer?

Is Felix a good Dancer?

It turns out the lone wolf Felix can make a halfway decent Dancer. He has incredible speed and while his Dexterity and Charisma aren't amazing, they aren't bad either. ... While he makes a better Dancer than most other characters in the game he is best suited to being a Swordmaster, plain and simple.

Can Yuri become a Dancer?

On top of it all, he gets Canto from his relic, meaning he can dance and run. Also, he fits the Dancer ability, Sword Avoid +20, really well. He has the highest Speed growth at 65%, and starts with 10 Spd if you get him on Chapter 2 of a playthrough in the main game.

Who is the best Dancer in blue lions?

Felix (Blue Lions) Felix is one of the best sword-fighters in the game, so making him a Dancer and granting him the extra bonus stats that come with sword-wielding is a good choice.

Who should be a Dancer three houses?

The Dancer class can be unlocked by winning the White Heron Cup. Our picks for the best Dancers include Dorothea, Flayn, and Annette in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. What's interesting about the White Heron Cup competition is that it's not judging based on dancing stat merits, but on Charisma in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Why does Felix hate Dimitri?

It's revealed that Felix's brother gave his life to save Dimitri. Felix hates this and hates how his father treats his death as some noble thing. He likely holds Dimitri to an extremely high standard because his brother gave his life for him. Anything he does could be a stain on his brother's memory to Felix.

Is Mercedes a good Dancer fe3h?

She's the best rally bot in the entire game, and she's not rallying if she's dancing. ... You're not losing much by making him a Dancer. Mercedes is an alright option too. Her spell list is pretty lackluster, not having any sort of utility spells or really any good offensive spells.

Is Yuri a good unit?

Yuri seems pretty alright as a unit. The ring is probably his biggest perk. His growths are a bit low but I think that is because he was balanced as character around also using the Trickster class because with it his growths are pretty good.

Can dancers heal three houses?

Dancers can use magic, yes. Yes BUT if you take your turn to heal, you're not dancing to refresh a unit.

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