Are Camaros good cars?

Are Camaros good cars?

Are Camaros good cars?

This is a highly recommended performance car. ... Because the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro comes loaded with such a great number of features, it's an excellent choice for the sports car fans who are on a budget. Top-notch safety scores also make the Camaro a good car for first-time performance car owners.

Are Camaros expensive to maintain?

How Frequently Does a Chevrolet Camaro require maintenance? Overall - the Chevrolet Camaro has yearly car maintenance costs total to $585 . ... Given that the Chevrolet Camaro has an average of $585 and that the average vehicle costs $651 annual --- the Camaro is substantially cheaper to maintain.

Do Camaros have alot of problems?

The Chevrolet Camaro has been on the road since 1966. This fun sports car is both reliable and fun to drive. ... Like most older model vehicles, the Camaro tends to have some problems, but luckily most of them aren't too serious.

Do Chevy Camaros last long?

A well-maintained Chevy Camaro should last 150,000 miles ( or 15 years ) based on driving 13,500 miles per year. The Camaro can even last up to 200,000 miles with careful use and diligent repairs.

Why are Camaros being discontinued?

Indeed, it seems the real cause of the Camaro's discontinuation is likely due to restructuring at General Motors. At the end of last year, well before 2019 Q1 sales reports, the automaker set plans to free cash flow for long-term projects like automated driving implementation and electric vehicle design and production.

Can a Camaro be a daily driver?

The SS is a great daily driver. It's also great for road trips. The car rides really nicely and mine does not have MRC. However, I would say both the 1LE and ZL1 are not as good for DD.

How many years does a Camaro last?

Here is the short answer to how long the Chevrolet Camaro lasts: With proper maintenance and regular use, a Chevrolet Camaro can last 150,000 miles with no major issues. If you drive 15,000 miles per year, that means a well-maintained Chevy Camaro can provide 10 years of headache-free performance.

Are Camaros expensive to insure?

This is 25% less than the cost to insure a 2021 Camaro β€” the model with the highest insurance costs....Average cost of Chevy Camaro insurance.
ModelPriceAverage car insurance cost
2020 Chevrolet Camaro LT$25,500$2,526
2019 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT$25,500$2,440

What year Camaro is best to buy?

Ranking The Camaro's 10 Best Model Years

  1. 1 2019 Camaro ZL1: The Fastest, Yet.
  2. 2 1971 Camaro SS: The Iconic Muscle. ...
  3. 3 1968 Camaro Z28: Put Its Best Foot Forward. ...
  4. 4 1985 Camaro IROC-Z: Of Championship Dreams. ...
  5. 5 1998 Camaro Z28 SS: Two's Company. ...
  6. 6 2010 Camaro SS: Much-Vaunted Performance. ...
  7. 7 2012 Camaro ZL1: Back With A Bang. ...

Are Camaros easy to steal?

Almost impossible ... The easiest way is car jack or flatbed. You can always pay for Onstar and if it gets stolen you can call and they will disable the car. Any car can be stolen.

What's the reliability score of a Chevy Camaro?

First, the easiest measure is the Reliability Score that the Long-Term Quality Index calculated based on vehicle trade-in data for the Camaro. By this measure, the Chevrolet Camaro rates a Reliability Score of 53.

What are the pros and cons of a Camaro?

Although they are lightweight, many drivers feel it’s hard to maneuver them, according to Camaroz28dotcom. They are not very great on snow either. If you live at a place that has snow all around the year, you might want to opt for another car. Regardless of any generations, Camaro has always been fun to drive.

Is it worth buying a 4th generation Camaro?

LS1 was probably the coolest thing about a 4th gen Camaro, well that and the speed! Although the Camaros from the fourth generation are believed to be reliable, there are a decent number of cons to them too. Find out more pros and cons of buying a fourth-generation Camaro below.

What did the first generation Camaro look like?

Officially developed as a rival to Ford Mustang, it is also fondly remembered as a classic pony car. Several decades-old Camaro has been restyled more than a few times. The first-gen looked like a European style muscle car, while, the second generation changed the dynamics and followed the aesthetics of Ferrari.

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