How do I get dual citizenship with Mexico?

How do I get dual citizenship with Mexico?

How do I get dual citizenship with Mexico?

You will need to apply for Mexican Citizenship by birth ,complete a 'Solicitud de certificado de Nacionalidad Mexicana DNN-1' and provide the following required documents: An original and 2 photocopies of: Your birth certificate and the birth certificate of your Mexican parent.

Is Mexico allowing dual citizenship?

Can you have dual citizenship in Mexico? Mexico recognizes dual citizenship. So, if you hold Mexican citizenship, you can take citizenship of another country without having to give it up.

What does it mean to have dual citizenship in Mexico?

Mexico allows dual citizenship, which means you can become a citizen of Mexico without having to renounce your citizenship in another country. If you were... Having dual citizenship means that you are a citizen in two different countries.

Can a US citizen have dual citizenship with another country?

Under current US law however, American citizens can hold dual nationality with another country. US citizens granted citizenship in a foreign state are under no legal obligation under US law to renounce their US citizenship.

Can a Mexican citizen get a second citizenship?

If you’re taking Mexican citizenship as a second citizenship, and your country of origin doesn’t allow dual nationality, you might run into some problems. Your best option is to check if you have a duty to inform your home country of your intentions, with an immigration lawyer, or your local embassy or consulate.

Do you have to be a Mexican citizen to have triple citizenship?

Triple citizenship is sometimes described as multiple citizenship, and is theoretically allowed in Mexico. You don’t need to give up previous nationalities to become a Mexican citizen, so holding other citizenships won’t affect your chances of becoming a Mexican citizen.

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