Can we carry medicines to Singapore?

Can we carry medicines to Singapore?

Can we carry medicines to Singapore?

Bringing in personal medications You are not allowed to buy, import or carry personal medications for another person except for family members that the products were initially intended for. Those caught doing so can be prosecuted under Singapore law.

What medications are prohibited in Singapore?

Prohibited in Singapore: anti-anxiety pills, sleeping pills and strong painkillers without a licence. Singapore has had a chewing gum ban since 1992 and prohibits medicinal chewing gums such as nicotine.

Do you need to declare medication at Customs?

Traveling with medication: Travelers must declare all medicine and similar products when entering the United States. ... If your medications or devices are not in their original containers, you must have a copy of your prescription with you or a letter from your doctor.

What can't you bring into Singapore?

Prohibited and Controlled Goods Chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products (for example, electronic cigarettes) Cigarette lighters in the shape of a pistol or revolver. Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances. Firecrackers.

How much money can you bring into Singapore?

Local currency (Singapore Dollar-SGD) and foreign currencies: no limit. However, amounts exceeding SGD 20,000. - (or equivalent)(incl. traveler cheque, bearer cheque, bill of exchange, promissory note) should be declared on arrival.

Can you get antibiotics over the counter in Singapore?

Though antibiotics cannot be bought over the counter here, patients could still buy them on established platforms like eBay and Carousell, and have them delivered to their home.

What is banned in Singapore?

In Singapore, it's illegal for anyone to own, breed or sell exotic species of amphibians, lizards or reptiles without a licence. The law is enforced in a bid to protect the ecosystem and Singapore's biodiversity.

Is Laughing Gas illegal in Singapore?

Although it is illegal in countries like the UK, nitrous oxide is not banned Singapore, where it is frequently used as an anaesthetic in dentistry. ... Laughing gas' global popularity rose after the drug grew popular on the music festival scene, and at nightclubs and parties.

Can you take medicine through customs?

Travel with no more than you need for your personal use during your stay. A rule of thumb: Bring no more than a 90-day supply of medication. If you're staying longer than 90 days, you may have additional medication sent to you by mail or courier.

How do I pack medication for international flight?

Pack smart and put your medicines in your carry-on luggage. You don't want to be stuck without them if your suitcase gets lost! Bring enough medicine to last your whole trip, plus a little extra in case of delays. Keep medicines in their original, labeled containers.

Do you need a prescription to take medicine to Singapore?

For medicines that do not contain a controlled substance, you may bring up to three months’ supply into Singapore without prior approval, but must bring supporting documents such as a letter from your doctor or a copy of the prescription as proof that the medicines are for your personal use.

Can you bring personal medical devices into Singapore?

Each approval allows you to import a maximum quantity of 3 months' supply. Refer to our guide for information on bringing personal medical devices into Singapore. You are not allowed to bring in personal medications that contain prohibited substances. Use our online tool to find out whether your medications contain any of these substances.

Are there restrictions on what you can bring into Singapore?

Singapore has strict laws for locals and visitors, and there are also rules governing what visitors can take into the country. Our safety expert shares his tips on what you should know before you pack your bags. Be aware of Singapore's restrictions on the importation of various goods.

Do you need to apply for HSA before travelling to Singapore?

Find out whether you will need to apply for an approval before bringing in your personal medications when travelling to Singapore.

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