How long does it take to walk through Monterey Bay Aquarium?

How long does it take to walk through Monterey Bay Aquarium?

How long does it take to walk through Monterey Bay Aquarium?

about 3-4 hours How long does the Monterey Bay Aquarium take to visit? The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a window to the world's oceans and features over 200 marine life exhibits. There's a lot to see and do, so set aside about 3-4 hours to explore this world-famous Aquarium on Cannery Row.

Is Mystic Aquarium dog friendly?

For the health and safety of our animals, we do not allow pets into the Aquarium building with the exception of service animals.

What should I bring to the Aquarium?

In addition to your aquarium, filter and lighting, here's a list of what you need to get started:

  • Gravel: Coated or pre washed is ideal.
  • Decorations: Only those designated for aquariums (e.g., live or artificial plants and ornaments).
  • Water Conditioner: De chlorinates tap water to make it fish-safe.

Are Monterey beaches dog friendly?

Dogs on leash are allowed at Monterey State Beach South of the Monterey Beach Resort hotel. Dogs on leash are allowed at Asilomar State Beach, Carmel River State Beach, and Garrapata State Park.

What is the best day to go to Monterey Bay Aquarium?

Avoid the Crowds If it's the only time you can visit, plan your trip on a Tuesday or Wednesday. You will also find fewer people between 2 pm and 6 pm. You'll avoid the summer crowds and have the aquariums visually exciting exhibits to yourself. Another good time to visit is during fall and winter.

Are there service animals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium?

Only trained service animals are permitted in the Aquarium. Pet-sitting services are available in the Monterey area. Call the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau at 831.

Can you take pictures at the Monterey Bay Aquarium?

During your visit, you're welcome to take photos and video for your personal use only. Commercial photography is allowed only with prior written permission from our Public Relations Department. For your safety and the safety of other visitors, we prohibit the use of tripods and monopods in the Aquarium.

How do you exchange tickets for the Monterey Bay Aquarium?

Tickets may be exchanged up until 30 minutes before your designated entry time. To exchange your ticket, you must first log in to your account. Once logged in to your account, click the "My tickets" button, scroll down to “My tickets and events” and click the "Exchange" link below your ticket.

What's the weather like at the Monterey Bay Aquarium?

The coastal areas of Monterey County usually enjoy temperatures averaging 57 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. It's a good idea to dress in layers as temperature and wind conditions may vary throughout the day and it can get cool, even during the summer.

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