Can I build a brick wall instead of a fence?

Can I build a brick wall instead of a fence?

Can I build a brick wall instead of a fence?

A brick wall may cost more than a fence, but it offers more advantages in the long run. Not only is a wall more visually appealing, but it is also more durable. Depending on your location, you may need planning permission to erect any 2m high or 1m wall on the edge of a public highway.

Can I build a wall on my boundary line?

If you wish to build a wall astride the boundary, you are required to obtain the adjoining owner's consent. ... If you intend to build entirely on your land but the footings or foundations will extend over the boundary you may proceed once the notice has expired unless the adjoining owner objects.

Can I put a brick wall on my boundary?

The wall, floor or ceiling must be structural – wooden garden fences, path rails, and coverings are not considered to be party structures. Temporary structures such as most sheds are excluded. The definition of a wall is not clear. However, it would cover most boundaries such as brick concrete and stone walls.

Can I build a brick wall around my property?

Yes you can build a wall of specified materials and to a certain height around and within the curtilage of your house without planning permission. You can build a railing or wooden fence, or a wall of brick, stone, blocks with decorative finish, other concrete blocks or mass concrete.

How high can you build a single brick wall?

As a general rule of thumb, expect to build a single brick wall up to 7 feet before putting in extra support systems. Of course, there are other factors to take into consideration. We are about to break down all of the factors you need to know to determine how high a brick wall can be built.

Can my Neighbour attach things to my boundary wall?

Attaching plant pots, lights or anything else to your neighbour's wall or fence will require permission! If the wall is on the right, then you must ask your neighbour. If you go ahead and attach something, then you can technically be prosecuted for criminal damage, although cases are sporadic.

What is the maximum height of a brick wall?

Generally the height of brick masonry construction in a day should be less than 1.

How high can you build a brick wall without planning permission?

Key Points. Did you know that if your fence/wall is over 1 metre in height and next to a highway used by vehicles or the footpath that may run alongside it, you would need planning permission. If your fence/wall is more than 2 metres in height you would need planning permission.

Can a house be built on a boundary wall?

Party walls are usually walls built on the land of two owners. They separate buildings belonging to different owners and could also include garden walls built astride a boundary – known as party fence walls. Can My Neighbour Build On A Boundary Wall?

Can you build a wall on your own land?

If your neighbour does object then you might have to alter your drawings so it is best to check early on. You must also inform the adjoining owner if you plan to build a wall wholly on your own land, but up against the boundary line. If you do build a wall astride the boundary line, it will be a party wall.

Can a neighbour paint their side of brick wall?

Please could someone advise me of my rights. I have taken down the fence that divides my neighbour and me (well the fence was very old and falling apart). I now want to build a brick wall on my side, and not where the divide was once before, ie half on their land half on ours.

What happens if you build a wall under your neighbour's land?

If, in the future, the neighbour wishes to use the wall then they will have to pay compensation to the person who built the wall (or his successors). The Act also grants a right, if it is absolutely necessary, to place ordinary footings for the new wall under your neighbour’s land.

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