Is it safe to burn cedar shakes?

Is it safe to burn cedar shakes?

Is it safe to burn cedar shakes?

Because everybody “knows” wood burns, these officials reject overwhelming evidence that pressure-impregnated cedar shakes are as safe for homes in Los Angeles as any other fire-retardant roofing material. Councilman Hal Bernson and others cite last year's fires in Granada Hills as “proof” that wood roofs are unsafe.

What can I do with old cedar shakes?

But don't be too quick to throw out any shakes that have been removed – there are still ways you can use them!

  1. Planter Box. Sure, your cedar shakes might no longer be ideal for use as roofing, but they the perfect size and material for planter boxes. ...
  2. Dog House Roofing. ...
  3. Frames. ...
  4. Furniture. ...
  5. Mail Box.

Are cedar shakes fire resistant?

CeDUR Fire Retardant Cedar Shakes Not only do their roofing shakes have a Class A Impact Resistance rating, but they also have a Class A Fire Rating. In fact, their shingles are unique in the fact that they self-extinguish fire spread.

How do you fireproof cedar shakes?

For fire hazardous areas, such as California, cedar shakes and shingles with FTX fire retardant treatment provide permanent fire protection. FTX was the first legal fire retardant treatment approved by the California State Fire Marshal, including Class A, B, and C application.

Can you burn old shingles?

"Burning asphalt shingles emits heavy, noxious smoke that sometimes contains asbestos fibers that can be released during burning." "Old asphalt shingles need to be properly and safely disposed of and burning them is not safe for our environment or for human health," said Paulson. ...

How often should you paint cedar shakes?

Choose the Optimal Window of Time For Painting Cedar It is recommended that you paint within two weeks of installing the cedar. Make sure that you wait no more than 12 weeks. Other samples were allowed to weather for three months, six months, nine months, and 12 months before being primed and painted.

Are wood shakes fire resistant?

Fiberglass shingles, asphalt shingles, and pressure treated wood shakes and shingles, when properly installed over specified roof decks with appropriate underlayments, are also considered fire resistant.

Is it normal for cedar shakes to curl?

Some cedar shake curling and cupping is completely normal after a long period of time, especially for thinner cedar shakes. Since cedar is a natural material, cedar shakes are fairly susceptible to weathering, a process which is accelerated in areas where it frequently rains and storms.

Is it OK to burn cedar wood in a wood stove?

Cedar is a softwood that is high in natural resin, which is the tree sap that collects in wood pockets or pores. Because resin is highly flammable, resin-rich wood burns hot and sometimes explodes into sparks or burning wood pieces, which isn't ideal for a wood stove inside your home.

What's the best way to make cedar shakes?

Lehman’s carries both! Keep the thickness of the shakes as consistent as you can. Flip the shake block end over end after you split off each shake – this allows you to get more shakes out of a block, as they end up slightly tapered. Wear appropriate footwear (not flip-flops like in the video… my bad!). Bottom line?

What happens when you burn cedar in a fireplace?

Cedar wood is naturally oily. If you’re using cedar which has not been seasoned, its burning point is a lot lower than other woods. This can cause its natural oils to escape and emanate throughout your chimney leaving an oily residue.

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