Can you take coolers into Great Wolf Lodge?

Can you take coolers into Great Wolf Lodge?

Can you take coolers into Great Wolf Lodge?

You are welcome to bring coolers to the lodge; however, they are not permitted in the water park area. ... Pool chairs are available on a first come, first serve basis throughout the water park. There are also lockers available in the water park for guest use.

Can you go to Great Wolf Lodge without staying the night?

Now you can enjoy Great Wolf Lodge's water park without staying the night. ... Though the water park used to be available only to overnight guests of the resort, this new program gives families the option of spending a quick, fun day at the water park without staying overnight.

How many days do you need at Great Wolf Lodge?

The most popular length of stay, according to Great Wolf Lodge company representatives (or “pack members”), is one day and two nights. That seems the wisest choice for avoiding sensory and budgetary overload as well. The water park is for resort guests only, and—important note—admission is included in your room rate.

Has anyone drowned at Great Wolf Lodge?

The child was lifted from a pool at Great Wolf Lodge and revived at a hospital, but she died the next day. A 5-year-old Wakefield girl who was pulled lifeless from a pool at the Williamsburg-area Great Wolf Lodge on Father's Day and later revived at a local hospital has died.

How to save money at the Great Wolf Lodge?

Bring your own drinks with you. If you want soda, alcohol or bottled water, make sure you to bring your own. It can be really expensive to get drinks at the water park, but there is a mini fridge in your room that you can use to keep drinks cold and save some cash. The same goes with bringing your own snacks along. 3.

Do you have to bring towels to Great Wolf Lodge?

Coolers? Great Wolf Lodge provides towels in the waterpark area, but ask that they be returned before exiting the waterpark. So while you’re covered (no pun intended!) inside the pool areas, you may want to bring towels and/or coverups for the walk to and from your room, in dining locations, and for other public spaces.

Who is not allowed to swim at Great Wolf Lodge?

Pregnant women and guests with heart conditions, neck, back, or bone/joint problems or high blood pressure, guests who have experienced a recent illness or surgery, and/or guests under the influence of drugs or alcohol should not participate. Proper swim attire is required.

What foods to bring to Great Wolf Lodge?

Food to Bring To Great Wolf Lodge Fresh fruit (watermelon, strawberries, other munch type food)

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