Did Mike Hall sell his land and cars?

Did Mike Hall sell his land and cars?

Did Mike Hall sell his land and cars?

Hall says his property is still available for sale along with all the cars. “I have four hundred cars and it would take me two hundred years to restore them,” he says. “If I sold the property, I might keep ten cars, or twenty or thirty…”

What is Mike Hall's net worth?

In 2020, Mike is 64 years young and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. His estimated net worth is about $2 million.

Is rust Valley Restorers fake?

Rust Valley Restorers is very real, and you can even go visit the massive garage that the Rust Bros. work out of. Yes, the very same one that Mike "Rasta Blasta" Hall operates, where he has collected more than 400 cars.

What does Connor Hall do for a living?

Connor is also a skilled mechanic, having grown up around Mike and his cars. He started working in Mike's shop at age 15 and also spent a few years working for Avery as well. He is as passionate about rebuilding cars as Mike is, just with more focus on making a profit.

Is Rust brothers still in business?

The shop currently closed to the public.

How did Mike from rust Valley make his money?

Basically, most of Mike's fortune has been accrued in the construction business. He's reinvested a substantial amount of that into buying old, rusty cars, that he then fixes up and sells for a profit. This is where he's earned most of the rest of his money, by selling the cars that he fixes.

Why is it called Rust Valley?

The show is set in an area called Rust Valley, near the town of Tappen in British Columbia. The area gets its name from the vast fields that are full of rusting old cars, making the area look like a massive junkyard.

Is Rust Valley Restorers popular?

Rust Valley Restorers has quickly become the hottest classic car repair show on television today. It has especially taken a whole new life of its own on online streaming services as the show has found an even larger audience on Netflix. People have fallen in love with it ...

How old is Mike Hall of rust Valley restoration?

64 years old Mike Hall started collecting cars young, and he's now 64 years old. He has amassed an enormous car collection that accounts for much of his wealth. Estimating the net worth of someone like Mike Hall from Rust Valley Restorers is far from easy as he keeps his personal life well under wraps.

Is Mike Hall from rust Valley dead?

Deceased (1981–2017) Mike Hall/Living or Deceased

Where can I go to see Rust Valley Restorers?

But Mike is really upfront about the fact that his shop sells partial and full restoration, but they will not ship their cars anywhere. You have to make your way to Tappen, British Columbia, to see and test drive the cars "to avoid any issues," according to the site.

Who are the restorers on Rust Valley on Netflix?

Old-school auto collector Mike Hall, his pal Avery Shoaf and son Connor Hall go the extra mile to restore retro cars -- and hopefully turn a profit. 1. Go Big Or Go Home

What kind of car did Rust Valley Restorers paint?

In the first episode, the Rust crew painted an old Dart Swinger with a hot pink color scheme. Unless they got previous instructions from a potential buyer (or, say, a producer promising a profit), this was a risky move. Either they got lucky in managing to sell it, or it was all part of the plan.

What should I look for in a car restorer?

There is an unwritten rule when it comes to car restorations that car restorers are supposed to paint each vehicle they re-design with muted, dark, quote-on-quote "normal" colors to make a profit more likely. Make it a color that the average seller would be attracted to.

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