Can you live in Antarctica permanently?

Can you live in Antarctica permanently?

Can you live in Antarctica permanently?

Although there are no native Antarcticans and no permanent residents or citizens of Antarctica, many people do live in Antarctica each year.

Can we build a city in Antarctica?

Yes it is entirely possible, but the harsh conditions and lack of economically viable resources mean that nobody in their right mind would build a city there. It would be easier to live in a desert or just build on some empty farmland.

Why can't people go to Antarctica?

Antarctica is not a country: it has no government and no indigenous population. Instead, the entire continent is set aside as a scientific preserve. The Antarctic Treaty, which came into force in 1961, enshrines an ideal of intellectual exchange. Military activity is banned, as is prospecting for minerals.

How is the building being built in Antarctica?

The new IT&C building is being constructed on precast concrete footing sitting on the surface and elevated off the ground to avoid heat from the buildings melting the permafrost below. Productivity expectations should be lowered when working in extreme cold conditions.

Is it possible to buy / own land in Antarctica?

There may be some previous legal right established under local or international law to sovereignty over the land, and that government could provide you with the rights to buy and own land. You can just turn up and set up shop on the land. You own it in the sense, you control it.

Is there any legal way to colonize Antarctica?

The Antarctic Treaty System, a series of international agreements, presently limit activities on Antarctica. It would need to be modified or abandoned before large-scale colonization could legally occur, in particular with respect to the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty.

Is it a good idea to live in Antarctica?

But it’s not a good idea in any way. No. All territory in Antarctica is controlled unde the Antarctic treaties and no-one can decide to live there, the only people allowed there are those who are part of ofcial scientific teams and their support staff.

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