Does Walmart have flex seal products?

Does Walmart have flex seal products?

Does Walmart have flex seal products?

Unlike traditional paints, Flex Seal Liquid starts out as a thick liquid, that can seep into cracks and holes to form a flexible, waterproof, weatherproof rubberized seal....Specifications.
Assembled Product Weight2 lbs
BrandFlex Seal
Manufacturer Part NumberUS855WHT32-4
ManufacturerSwift Response, LLC

How much is a bottle of Flex Seal?

Compare with similar items
This item Flex Seal Spray Rubber Sealant Coating, 14-oz, Clear (2 Pack)Rust-Oleum 265495 LeakSeal Flexible Rubber Coating Spray, 11 oz, Clear
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Customer Rating4.

Does Dollar Store sell Flex Seal?

To connect with Flex Seal, join Facebook today. Flex Paste™ is NOW at DOLLAR GENERAL! When you need to Stop Leaks Fast, you need the super thick rubberized paste that clings to the surface and instantly fills large gaps, cracks, and holes.

How good are Flex Seal products?

Flex Seal has a consumer rating of 1.

Does Flex Seal work?

Does Flex Seal really work? Yes it does! Many users have had great success with using Flex Seal for a variety of uses. Whether you are using it to fix a leak, prepare for a storm or using it as a sealant, we know that you will be impressed with Flex Seal.

Does Flex Seal come in a 5 gallon bucket?

5 Gallon - 18.

How good are flex seal products?

Flex Seal has a consumer rating of 1.

Where can I get a set of Flex Seal Products?

If you are wondering where you can get your hands on your set of Flex Seal products, you can either find them at your local hardware shop or you can simply search online and get your preferred quick fix product. You can also look at other helpful quick fix products which may come in very handy.

What makes Flex Seal different from other sealants?

It comes in liquid form. Flex Seal is a liquid sealant, and it is specially formulated for easy spraying. Its liquid form makes it easy to seep into holes and cracks to seal them perfectly. This is what makes this product different from the others.

Can you use Flex Seal spray on any surface?

When it gets dry, it can be painted to match any surface. Other rubber sealants always come in darker colors. This makes them difficult to conceal. With this liquid sealant, surfaces look untouched after they are covered with paint. It can be used on any surface.

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