Can you buy magazines in another state?

Can you buy magazines in another state?

Can you buy magazines in another state?

Answered: Is it legal to bring a high capacity magazine purchased in one state to another state where they are illegal? Probably not. In every state that I'm aware of that bans possession of “high capacity” magazines, they also ban the sale or import of those magazines into the state.

Do magazines require FFL?

It depends on the state your buyer lives in. Those are just magazines, so no FFL is required but high cap mags are illegal in states like Washington DC, NY, CA....and a few others. Can't sell them on eBay because they have a policy against high cap mags.

Can I buy mags in Arizona?

Arizona is one of three states to let people carry concealed weapons without a permit. ... Arizona has no laws limiting the ammunition in a magazine.

Is it illegal to buy a magazine?

California Ruled that CA Penal Code § 32310 (Code at link and below) ban on the possession/importation of Magazines that could hold more than 10 rounds as Unconstitutional and Enjoining Enforcement.

Are 30 round magazines legal in NH?

New Hampshire's Magazine Capacity Restriction There are no magazine restrictions in New Hampshire.

Can you ship magazines to FFL?

No. “It is illegal to buy, sell, or import for sale, any large capacity magazine feeding device into the state of California”.

Can you ship Gun magazines through mail?

Yes. You can ship magazines. Having an issue per state about capacity is another matter.

Can I buy a 30 round magazine in Arizona?

There are no magazine capacity restrictions in Arizona.

Can I buy a shotgun in Arizona with a CA ID?

No, unless the California resident has dual residency or owns a business in Arizona. Federal law bans the sale of handguns to a person who does not reside in the state where the transferis made. A person from out of state can legally only sell a handgun to a dealer who holds a Federal Firearm License (FFL).

Why are Gen 4 Glocks illegal California?

In California they passed a Microstamp law so any semi automatic handgun made after 2010 shall never make it on the California Gun roster. Now even if some manufacturers did this it would be very unreliable, easy to defeat and not help solve or decrease crimes.

Is it legal to sell magazines in California?

The 9th Court of Appeals has AFFIRMED the lower court’s ruling. This should mean that magazines of ALL sizes will be once again legal in the State of California to buy, sell, trade, manufacture, and more! BUT — we’re waiting on that to be confirmed. The lower court’s stay is still in effect and so might be blocking this from happening for now.

Do you have to have a magazine subscription to buy a magazine?

You don’t get that kind of magazine service anywhere else. If you choose a magazine subscription, you’ll even be able to start with the current issue if it’s in stock. This is excellent both for gift subscriptions and also just for yourself – if you want to enjoy the subscription straight away, now you can.

Where can I buy a single issue of a magazine?

Buy magazines online; subscriptions and single copies available from a range of over 3,000 different titles. Start your subscription straight away, or pick up the current issue of your favourite magazine, with our huge range of publications in stock. We post worldwide, same day, and by first class or priority airmail.

Are there any states that ban large capacity magazines?

In five states (California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York) and D.C., the ban applies to large capacity ammunition magazines used with any firearm. The Hawaii ban applies only to such magazines used with handguns.

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