How much does a hydrogen car cost?

How much does a hydrogen car cost?

How much does a hydrogen car cost?

The few models of fuel cell vehicles already available on the market cost around USD 80,000 for a mid- or upper-mid-range vehicle. That's almost twice as much as comparable fully electric or hybrid vehicles. There are a range of reasons why hydrogen fuel cell cars are still expensive.

Are hydrogen cars available?

There are currently only three hydrogen fuel cell cars available for UK buyers: Hyundai Nexo and the Toyota Mirai.

How many MPG does a hydrogen car get?

Typically, a fuel-cell system is twice as efficient as a gasoline system. Most of the fuel-cell vehicles coming to market in the next few years will be able to deliver close to 70 miles per kilogram of fuel. That's the equivalent of 70 miles per gallon.

Can a car engine run on hydrogen?

Hydrogen has a wide flammability range in comparison with all other fuels. As a result, hydrogen can be combusted in an internal combustion engine over a wide range of fuel-air mix- tures. A significant advantage of this is that hydrogen can run on a lean mixture.

Are there any hydrogen cars available in the UK?

The following list shows the best hydrogen cars available to buy and/or lease in the UK in 2021. The listing displays the fuel cell car's NGC Rating and driving range, along with costs and whether the vehicle is available for the UK Plug-in Car Grant.

Which is the best hydrogen fuel cell car?

1 Hyundai Nexo. The Hyundai Nexo represents a small step for the South Korean automaker, and a giant leap for public acceptance of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. 2 Toyota Mirai. The 2020 Toyota Mirai won’t fly under the radar, though we’ll let you decide whether or not that’s a good thing. 3 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. ...

What kind of car has a hydrogen tank?

The Mirai (meaning "future" in Japanese) is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle developed by Toyota. This four-seater saloon has a design reminiscent of the Toyota Prius, and a range of 500 km. It has two hydrogen tanks with a total capacity of 5 kilograms.

What are the benefits of owning a hydrogen car?

Here you can see the top hydrogen fuel cell cars that are either in production or are on the cards to go into production and when. There are many benefits to owning hydrogen cars. As hydrogen cars have been a relatively new concept to the public they are starting at a fairly high price.

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