How can I buy products from Meesho?

How can I buy products from Meesho?

How can I buy products from Meesho?

Here's how you can place an order:

  1. Select a catalog that you want to order.
  2. Within catalog, select the specific product.
  3. On product details page, click on 'ADD TO CART'
  4. Now, in pop-up, select a Size and Quantity and press 'Done'
  5. Next, you need to visit your cart by clicking on cart button (top right corner)

Is it safe to buy from Meesho?

Meesho is a reliable apparatus from where you can earn some money with your indulgence. The payments are made instantaneously and such payments are safe and secure. You need to sell their products and start earning commission decided by the sellers.

Does Meesho sell fake products?

Police officials in the state of Uttar Pradesh have registered a first information report against Meesho on a complaint filed by a customer who said that he was sold a fake Rolex watch and GUCCI t-shirt on the social commerce platform.

Is Meesho a shopping app?

Meesho online App offers you the lowest wholesale prices on products, which are sourced directly from suppliers. You can buy anything for your household needs. With shopping options under ₹99, ₹200, ₹500, Meesho app is the perfect shopping partner.

How do you make money with Meesho?

You can earn with Meesho by selling fashion and lifestyle products on Whatsapp and Facebook. The moment you open the app/ you see a huge collection of quality products sourced from the best suppliers in business.

Is Meesho a Chinese app?

Meesho is an Indian social commerce platform founded by IIT Delhi graduates Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal in December 2015. It was also a part of the first batch of Google Launchpad - Solve for India program. ... In June 2019, Meesho became India's first startup to receive investment from Facebook.

What is Meesho work from home?

As a Reseller, you share products listed on the Meesho app either with your network or on social media and earn a profit with every sale. ... The products are provided by suppliers, who have a tie-up with Meesho. Reselling with Meesho is an easy way of working from home and earning huge profits.

Is Meesho good for earning money?

You can earn with Meesho by selling fashion and lifestyle products on Whatsapp and Facebook. ... You can add your margin on top of the product charges and shipping charges, and share the final price with your customer. When your customer confirms the order, place the order on the app.

What is margin in Meesho?

Margin is the profit that you earn with Meesho. It is the amount that you add on top of the price of the product at which you buy from Meesho. ... Hence, रु 100 will be your margin (profit).

Who is owner of Meesho?

Vidit Aatrey - Vidit Aatrey - Founder and CEO - Meesho | LinkedIn.

What kind of products can I buy from Meesho?

There are over 200 categories of products to choose from. You can read reviews and user feedback before placing an order. Some of the popular product categories are Sarees, Kurtis, jewelry, and accessories. Meesho also conducts regular quality checks to ensure that your customers get products of the best quality.

How to resell products on WhatsApp with Meesho?

Reselling products on Whatsapp with Meesho is very easy. All you have to do is select the catalogs or products you want to share and click on the ‘Whatsapp Share’ option. Next, select the contacts you want to share the products with and send it to them. Meesho’s name or the product price is not mentioned when you share the catalog.

How to start a home-based business on Meesho?

To start your home-based business, you simply need to register on Meesho as an entrepreneur. Next, browse through different categories of products. You probably have a good idea of which categories of products you can resell your contacts. Browse through these products and select the ones you find relevant.

What does Meesho mean as a reselling platform?

What is Meesho Reselling Platform? In simple terms, reselling is the business of acquiring products through a wholesale supplier and selling them to customers after adding a margin. Offline reselling has existed for a long time. But now, as with all other modes of business, reselling can be easily done online.

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