Can you really buy land on the Moon?

Can you really buy land on the Moon?

Can you really buy land on the Moon?

But, is it possible to buy a plot of land on the Moon that all of us crave? The answer is no. That's because, in 1967, the Soviet Union, the United States and the United Kingdom had come up with an international treaty, called the Outer Space Treaty, to prevent "a new form of colonial competition".

Is buying the Moon legal?

Article II of the United Nations 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which governs the activities of states in the exploration and use of outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, states that the Moon: ... In other words no country can claim ownership of the Moon.

How much does it cost to buy land on the Moon?

According to one online lunar real estate agency,, the Sea of Tranquility is the most sought-after address on the moon. 1 acre (approximately 43,560 sq ft, or 4,047 sq mtrs) costs US $37.

Can I buy land on Mars?

It is true! You too can become a Planet Mars Land Owner by purchasing acres of land on Planet Mars from LUNAR LAND company is the world's most recognized Celestial Real Estate Agency and has been selling land on the Planet Mars for decades.

Is it possible to buy land on the Moon?

Wasser says that land ownership—and the promise of profits based on it—is a necessary incentive to invest in space settlement. He is lobbying for legislation that would commit the U.S. government to honor future moon claims. But anyone can buy a deed to land on the moon right now.

Who was the first person to buy land on the Moon?

However, there are people, including Sushant Singh Rajput who reportedly bought a piece of lunar land. Sushant's land on the moon is called the Mare Muscoviense or the ‘Sea of Muscovy ’.

Can a nation own a piece of the Moon?

In 1967 the U.S. and the Soviet Union negotiated the Outer Space Treaty, which states that no nation can own a piece of the moon or an asteroid.

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