Can I take arts after 12th science?

Can I take arts after 12th science?

Can I take arts after 12th science?

The scope is wide for science students as compared to non-science students. ... It is because a Science student can opt for art & humanities or commerce course but the students from commerce and arts cannot opt for the science-based courses.

Can I change my stream from science to arts in graduation?

If you have completed your 12th in scientific stream then you cannot change your stream to arts. But if you want to pursue your career in a field related to arts then you opt for a course in Arts(eg.

Can I change my stream from science to arts after 12th for UPSC?

You can't change your stream in class 12th you can do only before the 1st semester of class 11th.

Is Arts easier than science?

Arts stream is an easy way out. “You don't have pure science subjects to study, so Arts stream must be easy!” ... Apparently, if you choose subjects that require you to handle brushes and paint or read story books, it means you're not as hardworking as your Science stream peers. However, that is far from the truth.

Which job has highest salary in arts?

Best Jobs For Art Majors by Salary Potential
RankJob TitleMid-Career Pay
Rank:1Creative DirectorMid-Career Pay:$97,000
2Design Director, Interior DesignMid-Career Pay:$93,200
3Product DesignerMid-Career Pay:$91,700
4Design ManagerMid-Career Pay:$87,200

Can I Change my stream after 12th class with science stream?

It is not possible. So you should continue your commerce stream in 12th class and if you want to change your stream to science then you should take admission in 11th class. I think it is not good for you after doing this you lost your 1 year.

What should I do after 12th Arts stream?

Some well known Management courses to do after 12th Arts stream are- BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) Integrated BBA + MBA program (5 years duration) BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)

Can a 12th standard student change his field of study?

But yes, off course, if you wish to change your field for higher studies, you can go through many options according to your interest. A student having Art stream in 12th standard can pursue his further study in art, humanities, management, media, fashion, journalism and tourism field.

Is it possible for Arts stream students to study architecture?

B.Arch. is a well known professional course that trains students to become qualified Architects. It is a 5 years long undergraduate Degree course. Arts stream students have the following doubt in their minds- ‘Is it possible for arts stream students to study Architecture?’. I’ll answer that question in the next paragraph.

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